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Post-Doc Program

NASA Ames Research center has many exciting post-doctoral opportunities in the study of earth’s climate and ecology. NASA's post-doc program (NPP) is being coordinated by Oak Ridge Associated Universities. Information of a general nature can be found at Summaries of current research at Ames are listed below with the name and contact of the sponsor. You can click on some of these to get more information. Plase contact the sponsor if you have any questions about a particular research topic.
Briefly, a candidate needs to prepare a proposal (15 page max) and a summary of past activities by Oct. 2006. The application will be reviewed and selections made every three months in 2007. Start dates for the program can be anytime between 1 Feb 2007 and 30 Sep. 2007.

Focused Analysis of Global Smog Chemistry Using NASA’s Rich Satellite and Aircraft Datasets
Robert Chatfield
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Spatial prediction of quantitative biophysical information using optical remote sensing
Jennifer Dungan
+ Contact

Dicyphering the code of pre-earthquake signals
Friedemann Freund
+ Contact
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Remote Sensing of Coral Reef Health
Liane Guild
+ Contact
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Laboratory Studies of Heterogeneous Atmospheric Chemistry
Laura Iraci
+ Contact
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Atmospheric tracers for chemistry and climate studies
Max Loewenstein
+ Contact

The science and technology behind producing operational ecological forecasts
Rama Nemani
+ Contact

Global ecosystem modeling
Chris Potter
+ Contact

Remote Measurements and Radiative/Climatic Effects of Atmospheric Constituents
Jens Redemann & Philip Russell
+ Contact: J. Redemann
+ Contact: P. Russell
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Global pollution, atmospheric chemistry, and trace gas measurements
Hanwant Singh
+ Contact
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Exploring methods to extract information from remotely sensed data about the ground scene - its plants and plant canopies, soil, water and geology
Vern Vanderbilt
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