Solar Spectral Flux Radiometer (SSFR) Data


Research Staff: P. Pilewskie, W. Gore, M. Rabbette, L. Pezzolo

[SSFR specifications]


[SSFR measurements]



[Upwelling spectral flux]

Figure 3 : Upwelling spectral flux array from March 29, 2000 case during ARESE-II flight. Wavelength varies horizontally across the image from 350 to 1700 nm. Time varies in the vertical.The average spectrum is shown below the image.


[Best match of spectral flux & albedo]

Figure 4 :Best match betwen measured and modeled spectral flux(upper panel) and albedo(lower panel) for a case during the 29 March ARESE-II flight.


[spectral absorption of dust layer]

Figure 5 :Spectral absorption in a Saharan dust layer during the Puerto Rico Dust Experiment in July, 2000.


[Aerosol absorption plot from ACE-Asia]

Figure 6 :Measured and modeled aerosol absorption from the ACE-Asia case of April 12 , 2001. The model assumes a constant single scattering albedo so it underestimates short wavelength absorption.


Collaborators: J. Pommier, S. Howard, R. Bergstrom (Bay Area Environmental Research Institute)

Point of Contact: Peter Pilewskie, 650/604-0746,