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  Caldecott Tunnel

Group Members:
  Anthony Strawa
  Gannet Hallar
  Rene Castaneda
  Katja Drdla
  Konstantin Bokarius
  Alexander Bolshakov

Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics Group
Atmospheric Physics Branch
Earth Science Division
Last Modified: Jan, 2006

Anthony W. Strawa
Research Scientist
Lead, Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics Group
Atmospheric Physics Branch
Earth Sciences Division

Mail Stop 245-4
NASA - Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035
650-604-3625 (fax)

Research Interests
Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry
Planetary Atmospheres

Ph. D. , 1986, in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California.
M.S., 1984, in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California.
M.A., 1983, in Management and Supervision, Central Michigan University, Michigan.
B.S.,1773, in Aeronautical Engineering, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Co.

Professional Experience
1998-Present, Group Leader, Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics Group, Atmospheric Physics Branch, NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California.
1993-Present, Scientist, Atmospheric Physics Branch, NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California.
1990-1992, Principal Investigator, Radiative Heating Experiment, Aeroassisst Flight Experiment, NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California.
1986-1993, Scientist, Aerothermodynamics Branch, NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California.
1979-1986, Research Assistant, Stanford University, Stanford, California.

Scientific (Engineering) Contributions
Dr. Strawa has studied the earth's atmosphere for the past eleven years and he has been involved in experimental measurement, analysis, and instrumentation development for over twenty-five years. He is currently the group leader for the Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics Group whose long term goal is the study of the formation, evolution, and effects of aerosols and clouds. The group pursues this goal through a combination of measurements, analysis, and modeling. The group has employed wire impactors and a variety of optical particle counters for airborne measurement in the troposphere and stratosphere and is developing state-of-the-art measurement capabilities. Dr. Strawa is exploiting a technique he developed to discriminate types of polar stratospheric clouds using satellite observation and has developed an instrument capable of measuring aerosol optical properties in situ using cavity ring-down technology. This instrument has participated in many ground and flight missions in the last two years, is being used to assess the climatic impact of aerosol, and is being developed for use on remotely piloted vehicles. Previously, he was principal investigator on a spacecraft designed to measure the total radiometric heating and spectral character of the wake of blunt vehicles entering the earth's atmosphere and use these measurement to verify and improve computer simulations of flow fields. He also led experimental efforts to characterize wind tunnel, shock tunnel, and ballistic range flows using advanced laser based and spectroscopic techniques. All of these efforts involved implementation of and comparison with computer models. He is the inventor of the Advanced Sunphotometer concept, for which a patent has been applied.

Honors and Awards
NASA Group Achievement Award, 1992, 1997.

Scientific Societies/Committees
Co-author of the SPARC PSC Assessment
Member of Department Advisory Committee for SJSU Aerospace Engineering Program
Member, DOD Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Aerosol Working Group
Member, Ames Basic Research Council.
Senior member in American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics. Member of American Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Society.
Served as Secretary and Technical Disciplines Subcommittee Chairman on the AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology Technical Committee.
Past member of the NASA Aerosensors Working Group and NASP High Speed Propulsion Technology Maturation Team.
Past president of the Stanford Chapter of the AIAA.

Selected Publications
"How well do state-of-the-art techniques measuring the vertical profile of tropospheric aerosol extinction compare," Schmid, B., R. Ferrare, C. Flynn, R. Elleman, D. Covert, A. Strawa, E. Welton, D. Turner, H. Jonsson, J. Redemann, J. Eilers, K. Ricci, A. G. Hallar, M. Clayton, J. Michalsky, A. Smirnov, B. Holben, J. Barnard, submitted to JGR.

"Comparison of In-Situ Aerosol Extinction and Scattering Coefficient Measurements Made During the Aerosol Intensive Operating Period," A.W. Strawa, R. Elleman, A.G. Hallar, D. Covert, K. Ricci, R. Provencal, T. W. Owano, H.H. Jonsson, B. Schmid, A.P. Luu, K. Bokarius, E. Andrews, accepted by JGR.

"Aerosol IOP / IAP Flight Leg Comparisons," Hallar, A.G., A.W. Strawa, et al., accepted by JGR.

"Novel detection of aerosol: combined cavity ring-down and fluorescence spectroscopy," Richman, B.A., A.A. Kachanov, B.A. Paldus, and A.W. Strawa, Optics Express, 13 (9), 2005.

"The Reno Aerosol Optics study: An evaluation of Aerosol absorption measurement methods," Sheridan, P.J., Ogren, J.A., Andrews, E., Covert, D.S., Virkkula, A. Arnott., W.P., Moosmüller, H., Strawa, A. W., Schmidt, B., Atkinson, D.B., Petzold, A., Aerosol Science and Technology, 2005, Volume: 39, Number: 1, Page: 1-16.

"Carbonaceous aerosol (soot) measured in the lower stratosphere during POLARIS and its role in stratospheric photochemistry," Strawa, Drdla, Ferry, Verma, Pueschel, Yasuda, Salawitch, Gao, Howard, Bui, Loewenstein, Elkins, Perkins, Cohen, J. Geophys. Res., 104, D21, pp. 26,753-26766, 1999.

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"Effects of aircraft on aerosol abundance in the upper troposphere," G.V. Ferry, R.F. Pueschel, A.W. Strawa, Y. Kondo, S.D. Howard, S. Verma, M.J. Mahoney, T.P. Bui, J.R. Hannon, H.E. Fuelberg, Geophys. Res. Lett., 26, no. 15, pp. 2399-2402, 1999.

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"Soot and Sulfuric Acid Aerosol from aircraft: Is there enough to cause detrimental environmental effects?", R.F. Pueschel, A.W. Strawa, G.V. Ferry, S.D. Howard, S.Verma, J. Aerosol Sci. Vol. 29, Suppl. 1, p.S519, 1998.

"Sulfuric acid and soot paritcles formation in aircraft exhaust,", R.F. Pueschel, S. Verma, G.V. Ferry, S.D. Howard, S. Vay, S. Kinne, J. Goodman, A.W. Strawa, Geo Res. Let., Vol. 25, No. 10, pp. 1685-1688, May 15, 1998.

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"Aerosol and Cloud Particles in Tropical Cirrus Anvil: Importance to Radiation Balence," R.F. Pueschel, J. Hallett, A.W. Strawa, G.V. Ferry, S.D. Howard, T. Foster, W.P. Arnott, J. Aerosol Sci. Vol. 28, No. 7, pp. 1123-1136, 1997.

"Characterization of Arc Jet Flows Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence," D.J. Bamford,A. O'Keefe, D.S. Babikian, D.A. Stewart, and A.W. Strawa, J. Thermophysics and Heat Trans., 9, 1, pp. 26-37, 1995.

"Proposed Radiometric Measurement of the Wake of the Blunt Aerobrake," A.W.Strawa, C. Park, W.C. Davy, D. Babikian, and D.K. Prabhu, Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, vol. 29 no. 6, Nov.-Dec. 1992, pp 765-772.

"Investigation of an Excited Jet Diffusion Flame at Elevated Pressure," A.W. Strawa and B.J. Cantwell, J. Fluid Mech., (1989), vol. 200, pp. 309-336.

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"A Comparison of Experimental and Computational Results for Slender Cones At High Mach Numbers," A. W. Strawa and D. Prabhu, AIAA Thermophysics, Plasmadynamic and Heat Transfer Conference, San Antonio TX, June 27-29, 1988, AIAA Paper 88-2705.

"Visualization of the Structure of a Pulsed Methane-Air Diffusion Flame.'', A. W. Strawa and Brain J. Cantwell. Physics of Fluids, vol. 28, no. 8, Aug. 1985.