Field Campaigns:
  Caldecott Tunnel

Group Members:
  Anthony Strawa
  Gannet Hallar
  Rene Castaneda
  Katja Drdla
  Konstantin Bokarius
  Alexander Bolshakov

Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics Group
Atmospheric Physics Branch
Earth Science Division
Last Modified: Jan, 2006

Group Information

The Aerosol and Microphysics Group contributes to the understanding of atmospheric aerosol processes and effects including: formation mechanism, transport, removal, roles in biogeochemical cycles, atmospheric exchange processes, and effects on climate via radiative, cloud and heterogenous chemical processes.

Research Interests

- Aerosol measurement and climatic effects
- Aerosol optical properites
- Aerosol-Cloud interactions
- Polar Stratospheric Clouds and Ozone Depletion
- Visibility monitoring
- Laser instrumentation