Field Campaigns:
  Caldecott Tunnel

Group Members:
  Anthony Strawa
  Gannet Hallar
  Rene Castaneda
  Katja Drdla
  Konstantin Bokarius
  Alexander Bolshakov

Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics Group
Atmospheric Physics Branch
Earth Science Division
Last Modified: Jan, 2006

Anna Gannet Hallar
Atmospheric Physics Branch
Earth Sciences Division

Mail Stop 245-5
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035
(650) 604-3187

Research Interest
My research interest is studying anthropogenic effects on climate using innovative in situ measurement techniques for atmospheric constituents. During my graduate studies at the University of Colorado, I worked with a near-infrared tunable diode laser hygrometer used for the airborne measurement of total water (i.e. vapor plus particulate water). This instrument, a closed-path tunable diode laser hygrometer (CLH), was attached to a subisokinetic inlet for increased sensitivity to very thin cirrus layers. Using the data of CLH, I studied the radiative effect and microphysical properties of tropopause cirrus [Hallar et al., 2004]. Currently in a National Research Council Associateship post-doctoral position at NASA Ames Research Center, I study the wavelength dependence of aerosol optical properties and the vertical distribution of aerosols using an optical technique referred to as "Cavity Ring Down" (CRD) spectroscopy.

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