List of Potential Papers, as of Apr 28, 1999, for

Second TARFOX Special Section of JGR Climate and Atmospheric Physics

Coordinator: Rich Ferrare

Submission Deadline: May 1, 1999


Properties of aerosols aloft relevant to direct radiative forcing off the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States

Hartley, Hobbs, Ross, Russell , and Livingston

Comparisons of aerosol optical depths from aircraft and satellites off the East Coast of the United States

Hartley, Hobbs, Stowe, Russell, and Livingston

A TARFOX case study of the aerosol direct radiative forcing closure problem using aircraft data from the UK Met Office C-130

Haywood, J. M., Francis, P. N., Hignett, P., and Taylor, J.

Retrieving the vertical structure of the effective aerosol complex index of refraction from a combination of aerosol in situ and remote sensing measurements during TARFOX (Part 1)

Redemann, J., R.P. Turco, K.N. Liou, P.B. Russell, R.W. Bergstrom, B. Schmid, J.M. Livingston, P.V. Hobbs, W.S. Hartley, S. Ismail, R.A Ferrare, E.V. Browell

Case studies of the vertical structure of the direct shortwave aerosol radiative forcing during TARFOX

Redemann, Turco, Liou, Hobbs, Hartley, Bergstrom, Browell, Russell

Aerosol optical properties from NOAA AVHRR and GOES-8 measurements during TARFOX

P. A. Durkee, B. B. Brown, K. E. Nielsen, P. B. Russell, J. Livingston, P. Hobbs, P. Hignett

Comparisons of aerosol optical properties and water vapor among ground and airborne lidars and sunphotometers during TARFOX

R. Ferrare, S. Ismail, E. Browell, V. Brackett, S. Kooi, M. Clayton, S. H. Melfi, D. Whiteman, G. Schwemmer, K. Evans, P. Russell, J. Livingston, B. Schmid, B. Holben, L. Remer, A. Smirnov, P. Hobbs

Comparisons of LASE, aircraft, and satellite measurements of aerosol optical properties and water vapor during TARFOX

R.Ferrare, S. Ismail, E. Browell, V. Brackett, S. Kooi, M. Clayton, P. Hobbs, S. Hartley, J.P. Veefkind, P. Russell, J. Livingston, D. Tanré, and P. Hignett

Measurement of atmospheric optical parameters on US Atlantic coast sites, ships and Bermuda during TARFOX

A.Smirnov, B.N.Holben, O.Dubovik, N.O'Neill, L.Remer, T.F.Eck, and I.Slutsker

Intercomparison of aerosol properties derived from in-situ data and satellites. Deficiencies and their impact on aerosol direct forcing estimates

Kinne, Russell, Hignett, Bergstrom, Holben, Stowe, Prins, Veefkind, Durkee, Torres, Vermote

LASE measurement of aerosol and water vapor profiles measured during TARFOX

S. Ismail, E.V. Browell, R. Ferrare, S. A. Kooi, M. Clayton, V. Brackett

CCN spectra and CCN size distributions during TARFOX

Q. Ji, S. C. Tsay, Y. J. Kaufman, G. E. Shaw and W. H. Cantrell

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