First TARFOX Special Section of JGR Climate and Atmospheric Physics


JGRD2-1998900028 Russell et al.

Aerosol properties and radiative effects in the United States East Coast haze plume: An overview of the Tropospheric Aerosol Radiative Forcing Observational Experiment (TARFOX)

JGRD2-1998900037 Remer et al.

Interannual variation of ambient aerosol characteristics on the east coast of the United States

98JD02283 Hobbs

An Overview of the University of Washington airborne measurements and results from the Tropospheric Aerosol Radiative Forcing Observational Experiment (TARFOX)

98JD01751 Kotchenruther et al.

Humidification factors for atmospheric aerosols off the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States

98JD02816 Veefkind et al.

Aerosol optical depth retrieval using ATSR-2 and AVHRR data during TARFOX

Tanré et al.

Retrieval of aerosol optical thickness and size distribution over ocean from the MODIS airborne simulator during TARFOX

98JD02021 Hignett et al.

Comparison of observed and modeled direct aerosol forcing during TARFOX

JGRD2-1998900025 Russell et al

Aerosol-induced radiative flux changes off the United States mid-Atlantic coast: Comparison of values calculated from sunphotometer and in situ data with those measured by airborne pyranometer

JGRD2-1998900031 Francis et al.

Aircraft observations and modeling of sky radiance distributions from aerosol during TARFOX


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