Scientific Questions

Radiative Forcing Sensitivity Studies
Field Measurements
Integrated Analyses

Operational Logistics

Accommodations at Wallops Flight Facility
Aircraft Accommodations, Offices, and Labs
Accommodations for Surface-based Instruments
Computer Support at Wallops Flight Facility
TARFOX Network Layout and IP address assignments
TARFOX Intensive Field Period Telephone Directory
Instrument Calibrations
Data Management
Guidelines for Sharing Data
Data Publication Ground Rules
Intensive Field Period Calendar

Relationships to Other Projects
Platforms and Instrumentation

UK C-130
UW C-131A
CIRPAS Pelican
Surface-based Instruments
GSFC Sun/Sky Photometers (ground-based and ship-based)
GSFC Raman Lidar
JPL/Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) - Associated Instruments
S. Dakota School of Mines Spectral Sun Photometer
Johns Hopkins University Spectroradiometer
GSFC Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS)
Bermuda Aerosol Analyses

TARFOX Home Page Inquiries
Appendix A - Flight Scenarios and Airspace Clearances
Appendix B - Participants List
Appendix C - Abbreviations and Acronyms
Appendix D - Links to Related Projects
Appendix E - TARFOX Guest List


TARFOX Network - IP address assignments
Aircraft Characteristics
UK C-130 Instrumentation
UW C-131 Instrumentation
Core Polar Satellites in TARFOX
Sun-Sky Photometer Cruise Ship Schedule


Seasonal maps of aerosol backscattering derived from NOAA/AVHRR satellite data over the oceans
Aerosol optical thicknesses derived from AVHRR radiances, week of July 9, 1992
Schematic overview of TARFOX platforms and instrumentation
Map of Wallops Flight Facility, Mainland and Wallops Island
Map of WFF Airport Operating Area
Map of TARFOX aircraft operating area
Office area Layout in Bldg. N-159 at Wallops
Map of Wallops Island showing TARFOX ground sites
TARFOX Communications Block Diagram
TARFOX Network layout
TARFOX Flight Scenario #1
Example ER-2 flight plan for TARFOX
Airspace Request for TARFOX


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