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  • Presentations:

  • An Intercomparison of the NASA DC-8 MMS with the NCAR G-V Met System and Nearby Vaisala GPS Radiosondes,
    DC3 Science Meeting; Boulder, CO; Feb. 2013
    Jonathan Dean-Day, T.Paul Bui, Cecilia S. Chang

  • DC-8 (from the view of G-V) in an intercomparison

    G-V (from the view of DC-8) in an intercomparison

  • MMS Observations of the Eastern Pacific TTL during ATTREX-2011
    ATTREX Science Team Meeting; Boulder, CO; June 11-12, 2012
    J Dean-Day, T.P Bui and C. Chang
  • MMS on the NASA Global Hawk: Initial Results from the Global Hawk Pacific Mission (GloPac),
    ATTREX Kickoff Meeting; NASA Dryden Flight Research Center; August 25-27, 2010
    Jonathan Dean-Day, T.Paul Bui and Cecilia Chang
  • Wave Cloud Dynamics in MMS Data,
    J. Dean-Day, T.Paul Bui, C. Chang, R. Castaneda
  • Evaluating, WB-57F and ER-2 MMS measurement confidence,
    CRYSTAL-FACE Science Meeting; Salt Lake City, UT; Feb. 2003
    T.P. Bui, S. Bowen, C. Chang, J. Dean-Day, L. Pfister, R. Castenada, P. Shulman
  • MMS - Ozonesonde Wind and Temperature Comparison during CR-AVE
    T.P. Bui, J. Dean-Day, C. Chang, R. Castaneda -- NASA Ames Research Center,
    H.Voemel -- University of Colorado CIRES
  • White Papers:

  • Initial Evaluations of the MMS Maneuvers on the NASA Global Hawk, April 2010
    J. Dean-Day, T.P. Bui, C. Chang