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poster & demo


Beat Schmid & Nicholas Truong

Roy Johnson & Nicholas Truong

Nicholas Truong, Beat Schmid & Roy Johnson


Beat Schmid presenting to Howie Houben
John Livingston, Bob Bergstrom & Beat Schmid


Presentation to Ames Center Director Scott Hubbard

Phil Russell presenting to Scott Hubbard (Beat Schmid looking on)

Beat Schmid with Scott Hubbard (Nicholas Truong looking on)

Phil Russell, Nicholas Truong, Beat Schmid & Scott Hubbard


Presentation to Ames Chief Scientist Stephanie Langhoff

From left: Roy Johnson, Phil Russell, Stephanie Langhoff & Beat Schmid

Demonstration for Stephanie Langhoff


Presentation to Ames Science & Technology Council member Jay Skiles

Beat Schmid presenting to Jay Skiles

Nicholas Truong, Phil Russell, Jay Skiles & Beat Schmid


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