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J31 ICARTT Workshop; March 9-10, 2005; Boulder, CO


ICARTT J31 Data Workshop
Room 2A201, NOAA Aeronomy Lab, Boulder, CO
9, 10 March 2005


Wednesday 9 March

0800 Welcome, Meeting Logistics, & ICARTT context Fehsenfeld
0815 Workshop Overview Russell, Pilewskie
Objectives of meeting
Goals the J31 team proposed to address in ICARTT
Importance of data archive
Need to leave Boulder with list of planned presentations & journal papers
Structure of meeting
Intra-platform (J31) issues today, then Inter-platform issues Thursday
Nav/met & Clear-sky (direct effect) this morning, cloudy (indirect) this afternoon

Presenters: Leave at least 5 minutes for discussion—more is better

Nav/met & Clear-sky (Aerosol Direct Effect) Measurements and Analyses
0835 Satellite validation: AATS/satellite AOD comparisons Livingston
0900 MISR Validation using aircraft measurements Kahn
0925 Water vapor: AATS & J31 in-situ. Ron Brown sonde comparisons Livingston
(more Thursday on Ron Brown sonde comparisons )
0950 Break
1005 Sea surface spectral albedo/water leaving spectral irradiance Pilewskie
1030 Aerosol horizontal structure – variability Redemann
1055 Radiative forcing from horizontal gradients Redemann, Pilewskie
1130 Spectral irradiance modeling: Deriving aerosol radiative Bergstrom
properties from flux and AOD measurements
1140 Testing chemical transport models with AOD profiles Russell
—Past examples & INTEX potential
1150 Particle dispersion modeling with FLEXPART: possibilities for J31 Cooper for Stohl
1205 Regional forcing using satellite radiances and assimilation Bergstrom
—Brief intro, more on Thursday.
1215 Lunch
Cloud-oriented Measurements and Aerosol Indirect Effects
1315 Introduction: Objectives of the measurements Feingold
1335 SSFR cloud remote sensing Pilewskie
1355 Possible comparisons to satellites, P-3, & Ron Brown radar Pilewskie
1415 Aerosol Influence on cloud radiative forcing:
AATS-14 extinction above cloud, RB lidar extinction below Feingold, Pilewskie
(more Thursday)
1435 Spectral irradiance modeling for clouds Bergstrom
1450 Break
1505 Sequential Discussions: Status & Plans (Leader, Scribe)…
1510 Nav & met (Livingston, Pilewskie)
1540 Satellite aerosol validation, incl water-leaving irradiance (Kahn, Livingston)
1620 Aerosol direct radiative forcing (Redemann, Russell)
1655 Aerosol transport, evolution, simulation (Russell/Cooper for Stohl)
1700 Clouds & aerosol indirect radiative forcing (Pilewskie, Feingold)
1740 Summary of today's accomplishments and tomorrow's plans Russell, Pilewskie
1750 Adjourn
1850 Group Dinner

Thursday 10 March 2005: J31 Collaborations with other platforms & models

0800 Summary reports from Wednesday afternoon discussion leaders & scribes
0830 Multi-platform goals of ICARTT Fehsenfeld

Presenters: Leave at least 5 minutes for discussion—more is better
Platform leader/PI overview statements:
What each platform (or model) can offer to J31 & what is wanted from J31
0845 Ron Brown Bates or Quinn
0900 DC-3 Hardesty or Senff
0915 ~1100? P-3 Pilewskie & Feingold
0930 DC-8 Russell (for Browell & Clarke )
0945 Modelers :
Regional forcing using satellite radiances and assimilation Bergstrom
Aerosol transport, sources, evolution, … Russell for Stohl
1000 Break
More specific presentations by investigators:
1020 Comparisons of J31 & Ron Brown sondes (esp water vapor) Livingston
1045 Combining J-31 and DC-8 data for A-Train simulation Redemann
1105 Cloud properties retrieved by MIDAS from near-infrared scattered sunlight spectra Daniel, Pilewskie & Feingold
1135 Summary of where we are relative to our goals Russell, Pilewskie
1200 Lunch
1300 Plans: analyses, meetings, publications Russell, All
1410 Future missions of this type on J31 or other platforms Russell, Pilewskie, Bates , All
1515 Adjourn


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