Extended-MODIS-wavelength validation experiment

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Possible Instrument Integration : 04/12/04 - 04/14/04*

Definite Integration and Field campaign: 04/15/04 - 05/09/04*

*updated on April 06, 2004


Timing of the experiment

Due to maintenance work on the CIRPAS Twin-Otter (TO) aircraft in early April 2004, the aircraft can only be committed starting April 19, 2004. However, this is a conservative estimate and the CIRPAS flight crew has promised to attempt to make the aircraft available for guest instrument integration as early as April 12, 2004. Thus, guest investigators should be on standby for integration starting on April 12, 2004.

The timing of the experiment was supposed to coincide with the maximum transport of Asian dust to the US West coast to ensure appreciable AOD at 2.1µm. The current timing, although late in the dust transport season should provide dusty conditions, as supported by the 5-year analysis (1998-2002) of the time series of 1020nm-AOD and Angstrom parameter from the AERONET instrument at San Nicolas Island (33°N, 119°W) shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Time series of level 2.0 AERONET 1020nm AOD and Angstrom parameter at San Nicolas Island (33°N, 119°W).

Three of the five years shown in Figure 1 indicate the occurrence of dust in the vertical column after DOY 110 (April 20). Hence we conclude that an experiment starting on or before April 19 has a reasonable chance of encountering dust conditions


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Last Updated: April 06, 2004