Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics

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The Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Educator Resources page is designed to assist teachers in helping their students. We've put together a list of links to help you find the most beneficial information for atmospheric sciences. We hope that kids will begin to understand the science behind our Earth's atmospheric processes and the problems associated with them. Help to spread the knowledge and
provide your students with every possible opportunity!


Middle School
High School

Atmospheric Detectives

Introduction to the atmosphere and
the measurement of aerosols.

Greenhouse Information
Basic information on greenhouse gases
that make up Earth's atmosphere.

Ozone-Security Blanket
Topics cover all aspects of the ozone

Role of Atmosphere and Greenhouse
Students learn how the atmosphere and
the greenhouse effect relate to the climate.

Cloud Contrails
Explores the production, the function,
and the purpose of cloud contrails.

Thickness of the Atmosphere
Teaches students to map the layers of
the atmosphere and discuss pressure.

Ozone Analysis
Discuss history, chemistry, and data
of the arctic ozone hole.

Core of Climate Change
Explain how ice cores can determine
the chemistry of the atmosphere.

Global Warming
Students will learn about the effect of
the greenhouse effect and global



Middle School
High School

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