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Dates: 2008 July - December 2009 January - June 2009 July - beyond
2008 July - December
Abstract Deadline
Special Features
Likely Attendees

International Workshop on Mineral Dust,

Leipzig , Germany
15-17 Sep 2008

15 May 2008

1 Sep (extended abstract)


Redemann (invited talk)

Lidar Technologies, Techniques, and Measurements for Atmospheric Remote Sensing III (RS09) Conference (part of the SPIE Europe /Remote Sensing Symposium),

Cardiff , Wales
15-18 Sep 2008 10 Mar 2008



YAK-AEROSIB 3rd Science meeting

Kislovodsk , Russia
25 Sep 2008

we invite oral contributions on relevant topics (including results from other projects such as ZOTTO, TROICA, POLARCAT..., instruments or model studies/forecast tools; long range transport of pollutants, boreal forest fires, Siberia/boreal regions, aerosols, trace gases exchange and chemistry, anthropogenic emissions, permafrost, ... from stations, measurements, field work or model simulation) as short talks (20-30 min).

8th Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society ( EMS ) and the 7th European Conference on Applied Climatology (ECAC).

Amsterdam , The Netherlands
29 Sep- 3 Oct 2008 16 May 2008

underpinning theme of the 8th ECAC is adaptation to climate change.

The ECAC programme will comprise two themes:

- Understanding Climate

- Adaptation to Climate: applications in support of decision making and spatial planning with respect to climatic conditions .


DOE ARM AVP Workshop on Advances in Airborne Instrumentation for Measuring Aerosols, Clouds, Radiation and Atmospheric State Parameters,

Champaign-Urbana , IL
14-16 Oct 2008 15 Aug 2008

goals: 1) identify the state-of-art measurement techniques for aerosols, clouds, radiation and atmospheric state parameters; 2) determine the emerging instruments and developing technologies in these areas that can be made flight ready and reach maturation within an approximately 1 year time period; 3) identify measurement needs for which there are gaps in existing airborne instruments that are needed to answer key science questions in climate science. The DOE AVP program expects that funding will be available for the testing and development of instruments that can be made flight ready within an approximately 1-year period in the next proposal call anticipated in January 2009. The results of this workshop will be used to help set future instrument priorities for the AVP program.

Greg McFarquhar at .





Chapman Conference on Atmospheric Water Vapor and Its Role in Climate ,

Kailua-Kona , Hawaii
20-24 Oct 2008

new observing system needs and possibilities, crosscutting science issues

Water vapor instrumentation, cloud physics, convection, observing systems & programs, isotope chemistry, large-scale dynamics and modeling, climate theory, paleoclimate.

Wednesday trip to NOAA observatory on Mauna Loa

27th Annual Conf, American Association

for Aerosol Research (AAAR),

Orlando , Florida

20-24 Oct 2008

28 Apr 2008

Abstracts must be submitted electronically at , and will be accepted until midnight

Monday, April 28


CLARREO Community Workshop,

Washington , DC
21-23 Oct 2008   NASA is soliciting feedback on the draft CLARREO ( Climate Absolute Radiance and Refractivity Observatory ) science objectives (Level 1 Requirements) to ensure optimal science return from the CLARREO Mission. Specifically, the input gathered at the workshop will be used to help guide future plans for CLARREO.  

EOS Aura Science Team meeting,

Columbia , MD
27-30 Oct 2008 19 Sep 2008

Working Group sessions will be held on Monday, and the meeting will run for three full days, Tuesday through Thursday.

ACE Decadal Survey Mission Meeting,

Salt Lake City , UT.
6-7 Nov 2008  


- Provide Updates on the tasks listed in "ACE SWG Studies & Schedule v3".

- Science Traceability Matrixes ( STM ) should be nearly finalized or far along toward being refined and prioritized.

AAAS08  2nd Advanced Atmospheric Aerosol Symposium,

Naples , ITALY
9-11 Nov 2008 15 Feb 2008

1 Fundamental Aerosol Chemistry & Physics
2 Anthropogenic and Natural Aerosol
3 PMx and Urban Aerosol
4 Combustion and Materials Processing
5 Instrumentation & Control Technology
6 Remote Sensing and Satellite Aerosol Observations
7 Aerosol Modeling
8 Legislation & Health Related Aerosols
9 Ultrafine and Nanoparticles Aerosol


MISR Data Users Science Symposium,

Pasadena , CA ,
11-12 Dec. 2008   web pages with logistics and other information will available in the near future.  

AGU 2008 Fall Meeting,

San Francisco, CA

15-19 Dec 2008

AS Banquet: Tue 16 Dec

10 Sep 2008

Pre-reg deadline: 14 Nov

U12: Consequences of Peak Oil for Climate Change

A03: Aerosol Indirect Effects: Measurements and Modeling [incl ACE satellite/Schoeberl.]

A07: Aerosol Multi-sensor and Model Inter-comparison and Synergy

A14: Cloud Effects on Aerosol

A25: Space Observations of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Retrieval, Validation, Modeling, and Assimilation

A42: Studies of Atmospheric Composition using Satellite Occultation Instruments: Past, Present and Future A50: Arctic Chemistry and Climate : recent results from field campaigns, long term measurements, and modeling studies. Convenors Quinn, Bates, Burkhart, Williams, Dibb. ARCTAS submissions go here. Forward abstract to Daniel Jacob so that he may pass it on to the ARCTAS Science Team for consideration. C04: Snow and Ice Impurities as Climate Forcing Agents and Records GC03:  Urban Impact on the Weather, Climate, and Hydrology: Field Experiments, Modeling, Remote Sensing, and Societal Implications GC04: Has Solar Variability been the dominant forcing of climate change during the industrial era?

GC19: SI-Traceable Climate Measurements From Space: Requirements, Methods, and


H49: Large-Scale Hydrologic-Atmospheric-Remote Sensing Field Experiments: Past, Present and Future [e.g., FIFE , HAPEX-Sahel, BOREAS, CLASIC] IN01: Earth and Space Science Informatics: General Contributions
2009 January - June
Abstract Deadline
Special Features
Likely Attendees

Symposium on Lidar Atmospheric Applications,

Phoenix , AZ
11-15 Jan 2009 1 Aug 2008

part of the 89th AMS Annual Meeting

Preliminary programs, registration, hotel, and general information will be posted on the AMS Web site ( ) in late-September.

Fifth EGU Alexander von Humboldt International Conference

Iphakade: Climate Changes and African Earth Systems - past, present and future

Cape Town/South Africa
January 12-16, 2009  

ARCTAS data workshop,

VA Beach?

27-30 Jan 2009


support to attend the meeting will be made available for two people from each PI group

2009 July - beyond
Abstract Deadline
Special Features
Likely Attendees


Montreal, CANADA
19-29 Jul 2009  

"Our warming planet"

International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences *IAMAS*/
International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans *IAPSO*/
International Association for the Cryospheric Sciences *IACS*/
IAMAS:19-29 July     IAPSO: 19-24 July     IACS: 19-24 July

International Scientific Conference on the Global Energy and Water Cycle,

Melbourne , Australia .
24-28 Aug 2009   held in parallel with the 2nd Integrated Land
Ecosystem-Atmospheric Processes Study (iLEAPS) Science Conference. The theme
for both conferences is "Water in a Changing Climate: Progress in Land-Atmosphere Interactions and Energy/Water Cycle Research."

Joint sessions:
1) Land in the Climate System
2) Aerosol, Cloud, Precipitation and Climate Interactions
3) Future Integrated Observations and Modelling Systems

see for updates.

AGU Joint Assembly of the Americas ,

May? Aug? 2010      


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