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The Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch (Code SGG) conducts scientific research on important environmental issues in stratospheric chemistry and ozone depletion, strastospheric-troposphere exchange, pertubations in the chemical composition of the troposphere, and climatic changes from clouds, aerosols, and greenhouse gases. The SGG effort includes: a) development and deployment of sensitive, state-of-art instruments on airborne platforms (including aircraft, balloons, and uninhabited aerial vehicules, UAV's), b) modeling of chemistry, dynamics, and radiative transfer processes to understand and elucidate controlling mechanisms, c) science team support of spacecraft measurements of earth atmospheric processes, and d) advocacy, planning and execution of selected field projects for the Office of Earth Science.

SGG is organized into four groups: 1) Chemistry, 2) Dynamics, 3) Sunphotometer-Satellite, and 4) Project Management.

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