Wetlands of South San Francisco Bay--Conversion from Salt Evaporation Ponds to Tidal Marsh Habitat


The information on this page reflects the research of Dr. L. Jean Palmer-Moloney (Principal Investigator) and her team* at NASA's Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA. 

*Other team members are Dr. J. Bradley Dalton, Dr. Chris Hlavka, and Dana Rogoff



Currently the project, Linking In Situ and Remote Sensing Measurements to Characterize and Monitor Critical Parameters of the Estuarine Wetlands of southern San Francisco Bay, is being funded by a NASA Ames Director's Discretionary Fund Award.


Building the Environmental Database (work in progress)

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Wetlands of the South Bay poster 

 Marking a Moment in Time--Making Salt in the South Bay poster

Remote Sensing and the South Bay  poster 

Microscopic Life poster

Remote Sensing&Ecosystem Restoration Fact Sheet


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