VINTAGE research articles:

Remote sensing & water balance modeling in California drip-irrigated vineyards, 2006 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress [2.5MB] pdf

Application of remote sensing and ecosystem modeling to vineyard management, in Handbook of Precision Agriculture, Haworth Press, NY, 2006

Remote sensing of shaded area in vineyards, HortTechnology 15(4):859-863, 2005 [325k] pdf

Collection of ultra high spatial and spectral resolution image data over California vineyards with a small UAV, 2003 Int'l Symp. Rem. Sens. of Environ. [600k] pdf

Image-based decision tools for vineyard management, 2003 Amer. Soc. Agric. Engin. Int'l Meeting [700k] pdf

Temporal stability of an NDVI-LAI relationship in a Napa Valley vineyard, Austr. J. Grape & Wine Research, 9:96-101, 2003 [300k] pdf

Indirect measurement of leaf area index in California North Coast vineyards, HortScience 39(2):236-238, 2004 [400k] pdf

Mapping vineyard leaf area with multispectral satellite imagery, Computers & Electronics in Agriculture 38(1):37-48, 2003 [240k] pdf

Vineyard canopy density mapping with IKONOS satellite imagery, 2001 Int'l Con f. Geospatial Technologies in Agriculture and Forestry [225k] pdf

Toward the improved use of remote sensing and process modeling in California's premium wine industry, 2000 Int'l Geosci & Remote Sensing Symp. [20k] pdf

Remote sensing of vineyard management zones: Implications for wine quality, Appl ied Engineering in Agriculture 17:557-560, 2001 [70k] pdf

Adding science to intuition: Application of remote sensing and ecosystem mode lling to vineyard management, Aust. Grapegrower, 2001 Tech Issue [1.5M] pdf

The application of Earth science findings to the practical problems of growin g winegrapes, Geographic Information Sciences 6:181-187, 2000 [125k] pdf

Airborne imaging aids vineyard canopy evaluation, California Agriculture 50/4 :14-18, 1996 [100k] pdf

GRAPES Remote Sensing Analysis Summary, NASA Technical Memorandum #112218, 19 97 [270k] pdf

Response of Grape Leaf Spectra to Phylloxera Infestation, NASA Report #CR-208 765, 1999 [40k] pdf

Leaf color and vine size are related to yield in a phylloxera-infested vineya rd, Vitis 35:201-205, 1996.

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