Earth Science Division *Code SG* Research Project Information MENU

Aerosols and Weather

Aerosols, Clouds, and Climate: Theoretical Investigation of Ship Tracks

African Disease Environment Prediction Task (Project ADEPT)

Airborne Antarctic Ozone Experiment

Airborne Arctic Stratospheric Expedition

Analysis of Stratosphere Troposphere Exchange

Application of the Airborne Ocean Color Imager for Commercial Fishing

Asteroid and Comet Collisions with Earth

Bay Area Digital GEo-Resource Project (BADGER) Applications

Cirrus Clouds and Climate

Cirrus Clouds and Climate Modifications due to Subsonic Aircraft Exhaust

Commercialization of Crop Production Forecasting Based on Satellite Remote Sensing Data

Computer-Aided Boundary Delineation of Agricultural Lands

Detection of Seasonal and Annual Changes in Migratory Waterfoul Habitats

Earth Science Advanced Aircraft

Fire Control and Fire Impact: The Yellowstone Fires 1988

Global Monitoring and Human Health Program (California)

Global Monitoring and Human Health Program (Chiapas)

Grapevine Remote sensing Analysis of Phylloxera Early Stress (GRAPES) Project

Kesterson Reservoir: Monitoring Vegetation Stress and Trace Element Pollution with Remote Sensing

Kuwaiti Oil Fires and Nuclear Winter Theory

Managing Data on Global Change

Methane Emissions From Arctic Tundra

Nitrous Oxide Emissions and Global Climate Change

Oakland Hills FireStrorm: Remote Sensing and Emergency Management

Polar Stratospheric Clouds and Ozone Depletion

Regional Hydro-Ecological System (RHESSys)

Research Toward Improving the Quality of Satellite Remote Sensing Data

Simulations of Stratospheric Volcanic Aerosol Clouds

Southern California Fires of 1993

Stratospheric Dynamics: Wave Measurements and Modeling

Temporal Mapping and Spatial Analysis of Landscape Transformation Due to Urban Development

The Center for Health Application of Aerospace Related Technologies

The Meteor Impact that Killed the Dinosaurs?

Understanding the Global Exchange of Greenhouse Gases Uning Satellite Imagery

Volcanic Chlorine Emissions to the Stratosphere

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