CHAART Training and Outreach


From its inception until 2003, the Center for Health Applications of Aerospace Related Technologies (CHAART) served as a NASA facility designed to advance the scientific understanding of the patterns of human health and to enhance the quality of life on Earth. Training included the basics of remote sensing (RS) and geographic information systems (GIS), and consisted of a number of different activities, including global positioning system (GPS) fieldwork, field validation of imagery and image products, spatial analysis, image processing, and GIS database development. Health scientists and physicians from many institutions and ministries around the world have received training and RS/GIS consultation from CHAART.

Training components

National Research Council

Through the Ecosystem Science and Technology Branch, CHAART was a participant in the National Research Council (NRC) Associateship program at Ames Research Center. The overall objective of the NRC program is to provide postdoctoral scientists with opportunities for research on problems that are compatible with the interests of the sponsoring group. The focus of the CHAART NRC was how RS/GIS can be used to develop predictive models of vector population dynamics, with particular focus on spatial modeling.

Last updated: April 2004