Sensor Specifications: Ikonos

Ikonos-1 was planned for launch in 1999 but the launch failed. Ikonos-2 was planned for launch in 2000, but was renamed Ikonos and was launched in September 1999 to replace Ikonos-1. The imaging sensors are panchromatic and multispectral. This satellite has a polar, circular, sun-synchronous 681-km orbit and both sensors have a swath width of 11 km.



Band Wavelength Region (µm) Resolution (m)
1 0.45-0.52 (blue) 4
2 0.52-0.60 (green) 4
3 0.63-0.69 (red) 4
4 0.76-0.90 (near-IR) 4
PAN 0.45-0.90 (PAN) 1

Data Sources

Ikonos data can be search and ordered through the following:

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Last updated: December 2003