Sensor Specifications: BILSAT

The BILSAT-1 satellite was launched by Turkey in Russia, September 2003. BILSAT-1 is to be part of a Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC). The platform has two imaging sensors: a 4-band VNIR sensor and a high-resolution panchromatic sensor, and has polar, circular, sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 686km. The multispectral instrument, COBAN, has a spatial resolution of 120m, and actually has 8 channels within the range 375-1050nm, but only four functioning ones. The swath widths are 55km for the VNIR and 25km for the pan sensors. The sensors have a 4-day repeat cycle.



Band Wavelength Region (µm) Resolution (m)
1 0.38-0.42 (blue) 27
2 0.56-0.64 (green) 27
3 0.66-0.74 (red) 27
4 0.85-1.05 (NIR) 27
PAN 0.5-0.9? 13

Data Sources

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Last updated: Feb 2004