A partial bibliography of publications on the use of remote sensing and geographic information systems technologies for human health applications is available. A subset of this bibliography was indexed by category as part of our sensor evaluation project. Any additions or corrections to this bibliography should be directed to Brad Lobitz.

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Earth USGS EarthExplorer

Earth Earth Observing System (EOS) Data Gateway

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Other RS/GIS Health Sites

  • Health Geomatics - City University, London
  • MARA/ARMA - Mapping Malaria Risk in Africa/Atlas du Risque de la Malaria en Afrique


Remote Sensing and GIS Glossaries



Information about our evaluation of satellite sensors for disease surveillance and public health applications can be found on our Sensor Evaluation pages.

Mission and instrument information, along with sample imagery, can also be viewed at CEOS' Resources in Earth Observation 2000.

And if you're interested in seeing where all of these satellites (plus many more) are right now, check out NASA's J-Track 3D website!


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Last updated: May 2004