Filariasis in the Nile Delta

During 1995, NASA sponsored RS/GIS training at CHAART for Dr. Ali Nasser Hassan, from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Hassan's goal was to use RS and GIS to explore the spatial patterns of filariasis cases in the Nile Delta. This disease is transmitted by the mosquito Culex pipiens, which is frequently found in houses with cesspits in areas with a high water table. Landsat Thematic Mapper data, which coincided with Dr. Hassan's epidemiologic field data (25K), were converted into vegetation and moisture indices, as well as classified into landcover types. Statistical analyses were used to compare these landcover variables with the spatial distribution of microfilaria in 201 villages, spread throughout 10 communities.

Dr. Hassan's results papers are listed on the Bibliography page.

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Last updated: 5 May 1999