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Earth Science Directory: Staff
Lynn Rothschild

MS: 239-20
Professional Activities (continued):  
Representative Keynote Lectures, Invited Seminars and Symposia Lectures
(for last 2 years):
2010 Keynote, 26th Boulder Conference
2010 National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, Duke University
2010 Yale University, Frontiers in Paleontology and Geomicrobiology
2010 Distinguished Lecturer in Planetary Science, Univ. of Western Ontario, Canada
2010 Center for Integrative Planetary Science (CIPS), UC Berkeley Astronomy Department
2009 Silicon Valley Astronomers Lecture Series, Mountain View, CA
2009 Featured speaker, Helmholtz Alliance on Planetary Evolution and Life, DLR, Berlin
2009 Beckman Scholars invited speaker, Beckman Institute
2009 Commonwealth Club, Yale Club (with Dr. George Coyne, SJ)
2009 Ethical Culture Society
2009 Darwin Day, Stanford University
2008 SB4.0: the Fourth International Conference on Synthetic Biology, Hong Kong
2008 Indiana University
2008 NASA Ames Reserach Center Director's Colloquium
2008 2008 Polar Technology Conference, SRI
2008 University of San Francisco
2008 Chemical Evolution and Origin of Life, Roorkee IIT, India
2008 Cyanobacteria in a lunar environment, NASA Ames Research Center
Advisory Boards:  
2009-present Advisor of the Brazilian Exobiology Program
2009-10 California Academy of Sciences MicroLife Initiative
2008-12 Center of Integrative Planetary Science (CIPS) at the University of California, Berkeley
2005 SHOT Mars Chambers
2005-8 Provosoli-Guillard Culture Collection (CCMP)
2001-4 New York Hall of Science
2000-3 Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Publications (for the last 10 years):  

Leuko, S., Neilan, B.A., Burns, B.P., Walter, M.R. & Rothschild, L.J. Molecular Assessment of UVC Radiation-Induced DNA Damage Repair in the Stromatolitic Halophilic Archaeon, Halococcus hamelinensis. Photochem. Photobiol. (in press 10.10).

Vishnivetskaya, T., Pfiffner, S., Bryan, R.A., Dadachova, E., Whyte, L., Radtke, K., Chan, E., Tronick, S., Borgonie, G., Mancinelli, R.M., Rothshchild, L.J., Rogoff, D.A., Horikawa, D.D. & Onstott, T.C. Extended survival of several organisms and amino acids under simulated Martian surface conditions.  Icarus (accepted, 9.10)

Rothschild, L.J. 2010. A powerful toolkit for synthetic biology: over 3.8 billion years of evolution. BioEssays 32:304–313.

Leuko, S., Rothschild, L.J. & Burns, B.P.  2010. Halophilic Archaea and the Search for Extinct and Extant Life on Mars. J. Cosomology 5: 940-50. (

Balk, M., Bose, M., Ertem, G., Rogoff, D.A., Rothschild, L.J. & Freund, F.T.  2009. Oxidation of water to hydrogen peroxide at the rock-water interface due to stress-activated electric currents in rocks.  Earth and Planetary Letters 283: 87-92.

Rothschild, L.J.  2008. The evolution of photosynthesis….again?  Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. B363: 2787–2801. doi:10.1098/rstb.2008.0056.  pp. 1-15.

D’Antoni, H., Rothschild, L., Schultz, C., Burgess, S. & Skiles, J.W.  2007. Extreme environments in the forests of Ushuaia, Argentina.  Geophys. Res. Lett. 34: L.22704. doi:10.1029/2007GL031096.

Tarter, J. C., Backus, P. R., Mancinelli, R. L., Aurnou, J. M., Backman, D. E., Basri, G. S., Boss, A. P., Clarke, A., Deming, D., Doyle, L. R., Feigelson, E. D., Freund, F., Grinspoon, D. H., Haberle, R. M., Hauck, S. A. II, Heath, M. J., Henry, T. J., Hollingsworth, J. L., Joshi, M. M., Kilston, S., Liu, M. C., Meikle, E., Reid, I. N., Rothschild, L. J., Scalo, J. M., Segura, A., Tang, C. M., Tiedje, J. M., Turnbull, M. C., Walkowicz, L. M., Weber, A. L. & Young, R. E. 2007. A Re-appraisal of the Habitability of Planets Around M Dwarf Stars. Astrobiology 7: 30-65.

Southam, G., Rothschild, L. & Westall, F.  2007.  The geology and habitability of terrestrial planets: fundamental requirements for life.  Space Science Reviews 129(1-3): 7-34.

Foster, J.S., Singh, A.K., Rothschild, L.J. & Sherman, L.A. 2006. Growth-Phase Dependent Differential Gene Expression in Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC 6803 and Regulation by a Group 2 Sigma Factor. (online, DOI 10.1007/s00203-006-0193-6; Archives of Microbiology).

Bishop, J.L., Louris, S.K., Rogoff, D.A. & Rothschild, L.J. 2006. Iron Oxide: An Early Sunscreen for Photosynthetic Microbes? Internatl. J. Astrobiology 5: 1-12.
Rothschild, L.J. 2004. Protozoology (Protistology) at the dawn of the 21st Century.  J. Eukaryotic Microbiol. 51: 3-7.
Schuerger, A.C., Mancinelli, R.L., Kern, R.G., Rothschild, L.J. & McKay, C.P.  2003. Survival of Bacillus subtilis on Spacecraft Surfaces under Simulated Martian Environments: Implications for the Forward Contamination of Mars.  Icarus 165: 253-276.
Rothschild, L.J. 2003. The Sun: The Impetus of Life in Evolution on Planet Earth: The Impact of the Physical Environment, L. Rothschild and A. Lister, eds.  Academic Press, London. Pp. 87-107.
Rothschild, L.J. & Giver, L.J. 2003. Photosynthesis below the surface in a cryptic microbial mat. Intl. J. Astrobiology 1: 295-304.
Rettberg, P. & Rothschild, L.J. 2002. Ultraviolet radiation in planetary atmospheres and biological implications. In  Astrobiology: The Quest for the Conditions of Life. G. Horneck and C. Baumstark-Khan, eds. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg.  Pp. 233-244.

Mok, E. H., Smith, H. S., DiBartolomeis, S. M. Kerrebrock, A. W., Rothschild, L.J., Lange, T.S. & Gerbi, S.A.  2001. Maintenance of the DNA puff expanded state is independent of active replication and transcription.  Chromosoma 110(3): 186-196.

Rothschild, L.J. & Mancinelli, R.L. 2001. Life in extreme environments.  Nature (London) 409: 1092-1101.

Rothschild, L.J. 2001. Microbial Physiology at High Temperature, Low pH, Low pCO2: Implications for evolution and ecology in Thermophiles. Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution,  A.L. Reysenbach, M. Voytek and R.L. Mancinelli, eds., Kluwer Academic/ Plenum Publishers, New York. Pp. 125-142.

For the complete resume of Dr. Rothschild, please contact her at:



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