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Earth Science Directory: Staff
Kelly Decker
Kelly Decker

MS: 242-4
Education: B.S., Botany, 1993
Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

Ph.D., Ecology, 2001
Dissertation: Ecophysiological and Edaphic Studies of a Chilean Nothofagus Mixed Evergreen-Deciduous Forest
Ohio State Univeristy

Awards, Grants Fellowships :  
2003 Cooperative agreement notice – NASA Astrobiology Institute - Cycle 3 – Proposal Title: Linking Our Origins to Our Future.
1999; 2000 Raymond C. Osburn Memorial Fellowship
1998 Presidential Fellowship - Ohio State University
1996 Janice Carson Beatley Herbarium Grants for Field Research
1996 Mary Beth Cosner Memorial Fund for Travel to Scientific Meetings
1996 Dissertation Enhancement Grant - The National Science Foundation Americas Program:
1995 Janice Carson Beatley Herbarium Grants for Field Research
1995 Latin American Studies Program/Tinker Foundation Travel Grants: OSU
1995 Grants-in-Aid of Research-Sigma Xi
1991 Scholarship - Napa Valley College


Decker, K.L.M., and R.E.J. Boerner. 2006. Mass Loss and Nutrient Release from Decomposing Evergreen and Deciduous Nothofagus Litters from the Chilean Andes. Austral Ecology , In Press.

Beard, K.H., D. Wang, C.E. Waite, K.L.M. Decker, G. J. Hawley, D.D. DeHayes, J.W. Hughes, and J.R. Cumming. 2005. Quantifying ecosystem controls and their contextual interactions on nutrient export from developing forest mesocosms. Ecosystems 8(2):210-224.

Decker, K.L.M., C.S. Potter, B. Bebout, D. Des Marais, S. Carpenter, M. Discipulo, T. Hoehler , S.R. Miller, B. Thamdrup, K. Turk, P. Visscher. 2005. Mathematical simulation of the diel O, S, and C biogeochemistry of a hypersaline microbial mat. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 52(3):377-395.

Decker K.L.M., C. Waite, D. Wang, and T. Scherbatskoy 2003. Snow removal and ambient temperature effects on Vermont forest soil thermal properties. Soil Science Society of America Journal . 67(4 ):1234–1242

Boerner, R.E.J., S.J. Morris, and K.L.M. Decker. 2003. Soil chemical and physical characteristics. In: Sutherland, E.K. (ed.), Restoring Mixed Oak Forests in Southern Ohio . U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station.

Decker K.L.M. and R.E.J. Boerner 2003. Elevation and Vegetation Influences on Soil Properties in Chilean Nothofagus forests. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 76:371-381.

Boerner, R.E.J., and K.L.M. Decker . 2000. The effect of prescribed burning on soil enzyme activities in southern Ohio oak ecosystems. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 32:899-908.

Decker, K.L.M., R.E.J. Boerner, and S.J. Morris.1999. Scale dependent patterns of soil enzyme activity in a forested landscape. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 29:232-241.

Hevia , M.F., M.L. Minoletti O., K.L.M. Decker, and R.E.J. Boerner.1999. Foliar nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics of three Chilean Nothofagus species in relation to leaf lifespan. American Journal of Botany 86(3):447-455.

Decker, K.L.M., and R.E.J. Boerner. 1997. Ca:Al effects on growth and competitive interactions between ectomycorrhizal red oak ( Quercus rubra ) and arbuscular-mycorrhizal yellow-poplar ( Liriodendron tulipifera ). Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society. 124(4):286-296


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