Earth Science Division

NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA USA

Estelle Condon, Division Chief

The Earth Science Division at NASA's Ames Research Center is dedicated to the objectives of the Agency's Mission to Planet Earth program. Focusing on the science issues associated with global change, the Division's research is particularly concerned with atmospheric and ecosystem science and biosphere/atmosphere interaction. Also of interest is the development and application of new technologies required to bring insight to these science topics. Our investigations address some of the most fundamental questions of concern to the global community: what is the current state of our planet's environment; what natural and human caused processes are directing our planet's environmental future; and what can the record of past planetary environmental change tell us.

Key components of the Earth Science Division's research programs include: the study of the physical and chemical processes of biogeochemical cycling; ecosystem dynamics of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems; the chemical and transport processes that determine atmospheric composition, dynamics and climate; and the physical processes that determine the behavior of the atmosphere on the earth and other solar system bodies.

We welcome inquires about any of our scientific investigations. For more information contact the Earth Science Division at:

NASA Ames Research Center
Earth Science Division
Mail Stop 245-4
Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000

Estelle Condon
Division Chief

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