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Earth Science Division


Earth Science Division

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Earth Science Division: Earth Science Directory

SGG—Atmospheric Science Branch

Michael Gaunce

MS: 245-5

  M.S., Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1987
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

B.S., Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, 1984
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

  Additional course work completed in project management, contracting, system engineering, requirements development and management, business-government relations, team leadership, risk management, applied statistics, remote sensing, and digital image processing.

Professional Experience:
2002-Present NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA
Project Manager, Earth Science Project Office, Atmospheric Chemistry & Dynamics Branch.

  • Manage national and international airborne science mission deployments.

  • Develop mission cost, schedule, deployment sites, operations and logistics.

  • Negotiate agreements with U.S. and foreign basing sites for science mission deployments.

  • Participate in review and selection of NASA-funded scientists.

  • Lead and conduct systems engineering analysis studies, including UAV mission concept requirements development, and airborne science requirements analysis.

  • Support Suborbital Science flight request process, including workflow, roles and responsibilities, reporting and communication, resources, and schedule.

  • Prepare and distribute status summaries, and review with HQ Program Managers.

  • Prepare suborbital annual reports and management plans.
2000-2002 Assistant Program Director, Engineering for Complex Systems Program Office in the Office of the Center Director.

  • Supported overall program planning, including program schedules, task agreement and status reporting templates, developing program and configuration management processes, identifying appropriate program reviews and review panel members, and developing other program formulation support materials as required by ECS Program Director.

  • Defined and managed Level 1 technical integration and program formulation studies (market technology surveys, cost and risk assessments, metrics definition, and mission failure analyses).

  • Assessed and integrated program milestones and products; supported development of program master schedule.

  • Supported development of ECS Program Plan. Prepared draft Program Formulation Authorization and Program Formulation Plan documents.

  • Defined format, content, and guidelines for Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 planning documents, including reviews of plans and task progress.

  • Chaired DFS 2000 Workshop technical program, and member of workshop planning team. Organized ten technical sessions for over 65 speakers and 300 attendees. Supported development of conference proceedings and prepared follow-up letters of appreciation to speakers.
1999-2000 Deputy Program Manager (Projects), Intelligent Vehicle Health Management Program Office in the Office of the Center Director.

  • Supported the Assistant Director for Information Technology in the formulation and implementation of the IVHM Program Development Office.

  • Developed program office implementation strategies and program plans, customer advocacy, reporting and budget tracking approaches, organizational structures, facilities and personnel requirements, schedules and roadmaps).

  • Developed approach, tasks, skills, functions, and requirements for IVHM System Engineering & Integration (SE&I) activities. Helped write and review subsequent preliminary SE&I plan for IVHM PDO. Identified FY00 task and resource requirements for SE&I, and prepared SE&I task agreements.

  • Acted as the agency IVHM representative to the Integrated Space Technology Planning effort during Space Launch Initiative (SLI) program formulation. Assisted in the development of IVHM technology roadmaps and planning for space transportation.
1998-1999 Technical Manager, Space Technology Division.

  • Project Manager for X-37 ATV and NRA 8-21 RLV Focussed Technology projects.

  • Proposed and developed technical task definition, objectives, products, and resources for new projects, such as Space Shuttle upgrades, Future-X, Kistler K-1 RLV, etc.

  • Developed project management and planning policies for the Division including: reviewing costing and resources allocation methodologies and guidelines, preparing task operating plans and a bid and proposal process to organize and manage division project resources, evaluating and proposing project manager roles and responsibilities, and preparing project budget summaries to track division projects.
1994-1998 NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

Lead, Image Science & Analysis Group assigned to Earth Science Branch

  • Overall project management of JSC Image Science & Analysis Group, including task products, schedules, and budget.

  • Oversaw review and analysis of Space Shuttle launch, orbital, and landing still and video imagery.

  • Developed and implemented technical task definition, objectives, products, and resources.

  • Lead planning and management of photographic survey of Russian Mir Space Station.

  • Conducted astronaut crew training in on-orbit imagery acquisition.

  • Managed state-of-the-art imagery analysis laboratory.
1990-1993 Project Engineer assigned to Mars Rover Sample Return, Human Space Transportation, Human Transportation System, and Assured Crew Return Vehicle projects.

  • Developed and assessed assured crew return requirements through system engineering analyses and trades.

  • Analyzed LEO and space transportation requirements, payloads, and architecture options to accomplish NASA missions.

  • Conducted technical reviews, program and schedule monitoring, and project planning.

  • Conducted system engineering and conceptual design technical studies.

  • Provided technical support to NASA Headquarters program management customers.
1987-1990 Department of the Navy, Naval Ordnance Station, Indian Head, Maryland.

Lead Project Engineer on the 2.75-Inch Rocket Motor Product Improvement Program. Work included management of French (SEP) technology demonstration project under NATO Comparative Test Program.

  • Conducted technical reviews, program and schedule monitoring, planning, and budget management.

  • Developed and managed test programs for rocket motor development projects; analysis of test data (including video, film, x-ray, and still photography).

  • Conducted assessments of European and Israeli propulsion technology for the Navy.

  • Prepared engineering analyses and calculations.

  • Supervised junior level project engineers.
1984-1987 Project Engineer supporting production of MK 66 Rocket Motor.
  • Monitored all aspects of motor component and propellant production.

  • Prepared engineering design sketches, analyses and calculations.

  • Prepared Engineering Change Proposals, waivers, and deviations.

  • Provided technical support on rocket motor production and performance to fleet and program management customers.
May-August 1983 Department of the Air Force, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. Engineering Technician, Compressor Research Facility.

  • Operated data system for measuring jet engine flow fields.

  • Assisted senior engineers in flow field measurement and analysis.

Awards and Accomplishments::
  • NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, April 2006.
  • NASA Group Achievement Award for TCSP Mission, April 2006.
  • NASA Group Achievement Award for INTEX Mission, April 2005.
  • NASA Group Achievement Award for SOLVE II Mission, August 2004.
  • Received numerous awards for superior job performance and special acts, including JSC “Going the Extra Mile”, two ARC “Spotlight” awards, VMS Flight award, STS-106 Launch VIP, and seven NASA Group Achievement awards.
  • Received Special Act Award & Certificate of Appreciation for Space Shuttle Development Conference–August 1999.
  • Received NASA Space Flight Awareness “Silver Snoopy” Award-August 1997.
  • Written and published several technical reports and conference papers, including two technical papers in Acta Astronautica.
  • Basic proficiency in French, Spanish, and German

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