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Pre-Earthquake Signals from the Dynamic Earth
Applications are invited for a post-doctoral position with the Geodynamics Group within the Ecosystem Science and Technology Branch at NASA-Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA. The goal is to understand the signals that the Earth sends out before major earthquakes. These signals may also be of interest in the exploration of Mars regarding possible residual tectonic activity and of Mars and the moon in relation to impact events. These signals are extremely varied, ranging from ionospheric perturbations, low-frequency electromagnetic emissions to fluctuations of the infrared radiation from the land surface around epicentral regions that are being recorded in night-time satellite images and other indicators that have been reported in the literature. We recently achieved a breakthrough in understanding the physical processes that take place deep in the Earth’s crust during the build-up of tectonic stresses before major earthquakes. We pursue this project through a program of laboratory studies, supplemented by modeling of solid Earth processes and observations. We conduct experiments with a hydraulic press that allows us to stress rocks at different stress rates, covering 6 orders of magnitude. We study the infrared luminescence coming off the surface of rocks placed under stress. We have access to low to medium velocity guns that allow us to study electrical and electromagnetic signals generated during very rapid deformation. The prospective post-Doctoral candidate will be involved in work that will eventually lead to mission proposals in preparation of a global earthquake early warning system. He/she will work with our collaborators to study the signals recorded at satellite altitude and by ground stations. Some familiarity with semiconductor concepts would be helpful. The position will be under the NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) (formerly the National Research Council Associate Program).

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