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Current Highlights for May 2013

* Dr. Hanwant Singh recognized for top cited article

Dr. Hanwant Singh received an award for Atmospheric Environment, Top Cited Article 2010-2011, for the paper "Pollution influences on atmospheric composition and chemistry at high northern latitudes: Boreal and California forest fire emissions" by Singh, H.B. et al., published in Atmospheric Environment, volume 44, Issue 36. Observations obtained during the NASA ARCTAS airborne mission served as the basis for the research described in the paper. Dr. Singh received the award from Bethan Keall, publishinf editor of Elsevier, London.

* New peer reviewed publications from the Atmospheric Science Branch

Two new peer reviewed publications from the Atmospheric Sciences Branch (SGG) are "Boundary layer sources for the Asian anticyclone: Regional contributions to a vertical conduit," Bergman, J.W., E.J. Jensen, et al., Journal of Geophysical Research, and "Airborne observations and modeling of springtime stratosphere-to-troposphere transport over California," Yates, E.L, L.T. Iraci, et al, in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Discussions. In the former, the transport of air from the planetary boundary layer (PBL) into the Asian Summer Monsoon anticyclone is investigated using backward trajectories initiated within the anti-cyclone at 100 mb and 200 mb during August 2011. The second paper reports on airborne in situ measurements of ozone and other trace gases during two stratosphere-to-troposphere transport events observed over California in May and June 2012 using observations obtained form the H211 Alpha Jet.

* Vince Ambrosia participates in "Lunch and Learn" activity on wildfires for congressional staff

Lawrence Friedl, Program Manager for the Applied Science Program at NASA HQ invited Vince Ambrosia, (SGE/ARC-CREST/CSUMB) to participate in a "Lunch and Learn" event on wildfires for congressional staff at the Rayburn Building in Washington DC on May 8. Ambrosia presented material on the use of UAS platforms and NASA developed instruments and on-board data processing capabilities to help federal and state agencies respond to wildfires. The Applied Sciences Program used the work of Ambrosia at Ames as one example of the benefits to the nation derived from the spin-off of NASA Earth science.

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