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Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending November 14, 2007

F. Freund delivers joint talk to local IEEE chapter.  Friedemann Freund (SJSU/SETI) delivered a joint talk to the local chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Nov. 13, in Santa Clara.  His talk, “Deciphering Pre-Earthquake Signals and How This Changes Our View of the Earth,’ discusses how rocks at seismogenic depths react to tectonic stresses and how these reactions could be effective predictions of when an earthquake will strike.  (POC: Friedemann Freund, 4-5183

Coral Reef Team deploys to Puerto Rico.  Liane Guild and Randy Berthold (SGE), Brad Lobitz and Jeremy Kerr (CSUMB) are in Parguera, Puerto Rico, working with the University of Puerto Rico in measuring coral reef bio-optical properties.  They are assessing spectral change in the reefs following the September/October 2005 Caribbean coral reef bleaching event and Hurricane Dean that occurred in August of this year and damaged large stands of elkhorn coral.  There is little sign of recovery at this point in November.  Further, staghorn coral that were bleached in 2005 have not recovered and only rubble remains.  The corals were recently listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.  Coral reefs are vital in protecting coastlines from severe storm waves and by providing nursery grounds for marine fisheries.  Worldwide, corals are suffering from the impacts of increasingly frequent and severe storms, bleaching, and disease.

This project is funded by NASA's Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science (IDS).  Visit for more information.  (POC: Liane Guild,, 4-3915)

TOPS Team present data to NP.  Forrest Melton and Sam Hiatt presented a data gateway for ecological forecasts from the Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (TOPS) to National Park personnel from the Sierra Nevada Network on November 14 and 15.  The Ecological Forecasting Lab at NASA Ames is working with the NPS to develop applications of data from NASA satellites and ecosystem models for use in monitoring the ecological condition of U.S. National Parks.  (POC: Forrest Melton,, 4-2787)

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