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Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending October 31, 2007

WRAP flies Souther California fires.
The Wildfire Research and Applications Program (WRAP) team responded to an emergency request by California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES) and other national agences (FEMA, NASA HQ) for intellicence assistance on 11 wildfires raging in Southern California last week. The team deployed from Ames to Dryden, the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, ID, and to various incident cmmand centers (ICs) within 24-hours of the request. The team conducted four missions, Oct. 24-28 (~ 40-hrs. total), flying NASA's Ikhana unmanned aerial system (UAS) with the Ames' developed AMS-WILDFIRE sensor onboard. The mission delivered real-time data to all fire ICs, county, and city emergency ops centers via the ARC-developed Collaborative Decision Environment (CDE) that incorporates GoogleEarth as an information visualization tool. Over 40,000 downloads of data from the ARC server were requested, and over 150 simultaneous users of CDE were supported each day during the six-day mission. The AMS sensor provided burn area assessment imagery that simultaneously supported recovery efforts with active fire imagery collection.

Media coverage was extensive, including local ABC affiliate, KGO-TV, CNN, and NPR. (POC: Vince Ambrosia,, 4-6565)


Earth Science Division (Code SG) hosts CARB visit.
Members of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) visited NASA Ames, Oct. 30. Anthony Strawa (SGG) organized the visit, the purpose of which was to introduce CARB to the technical and scientific capabilities of the division and to foster interagency collaborations. Under discussion was a possible upcoming mission to the Central Valley in summer 2008. (POC: Tony Strawa,, 4-3437)


F. Freund delivers talk to SJSU Geology Club.
Friedemann Freund (SJSU/SETI) delivered a talk to San Jose State University's Geology Club, Oct. 29. His talk, "Deciphering Pre-Earthquake Signals and how this Changes our View of the Earth" discusses how rocks at seismogenic depths react to tectonic stresses and how these reactions could be effective predictions of when an earthquake will strike. (POC: Friedemann Freund,, 4-5183)


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