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Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending July 11, 2007

Ames' DEVELOP students visit JPL .
Five of this year's Ames' DEVELOP students, accompanied by ARC DEVELOP Program Coordinator Cindy Schmidt (SJSU), visited JPL, June 26. The students met with members of the JASON science team to learn about ocean altimetry data. This student team is working on a project with NOAA to incorporate NASA data into a web portal that will characterize storms in the Pacific Rim region. Ocean altimetry data provides key information about wave heights during tropical storms. The students were also given a tour that included the visualization lab and demos of the Athlete Robot and the Formation Flying Lab "Robodome". (POC: Cindy Schmidt, , 4-0021)

ARC Scientists Attend ICESat2 Mission Workshop.
Ed Sheffner (Deputy Chief, SG) and Dr. Jay Skiles (SGE) attended the ICESat2 mission workshop, held June 27-29, in Baltimore, MD. They participated in the discussions concerning the ecosystems monitoring capabilities of the ICESat2 satellite. The satellite will have near-infrared lidar on it and it will have a polar orbit giving it the ability to monitor the height of sea ice and the planet's polar caps. It will also be able to give estimates of canopy structure for forested areas of the Earth such as the boreal forest and the Amazon river basin. ICESat2 will replace the orbiting ICESat1 satellite that is beginning to show signs of aging. The new satellite, due to launch in 2013 or 2014, was called for in the recently released Decadal Survey produced by the National Research Council wherein the capability to monitor changes in the cryosphere was crucial to understanding the changing climate of the Earth. (POC: Jay Skiles, , 4-3614)

Jennifer Dungan serves as doctoral examiner .
Jennifer Dungan (SGE) served as external examiner for a doctoral dissertation examination in the Geography Department at the University of Southampton, U.K., July 6. The dissertation dealt with the use of empirical remote sensing models, including sampling issues, statistical methods and their implications for resulting estimates and descriptions of uncertainty. In the U.K., each Ph.D. student who finishes his or her dissertation has to defend it orally in front of the supervisor, an examiner from within the department, and an external examiner, usually a nationally and internationally recognized scholar in the field. (POC: Jennifer Dungan, , 4-3618)

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