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Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending April 25, 2007

Hipskind, Myers and Klupar visit Raytheon
Steve Hipskind (Chief, SG), Jeff Myers (UARC), and Pete Klupar (SSO) visited Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, April 24. They met with Tom Chrien, Ed Gussen and Tom Hastings to discuss the Raytheon hyperspectral imaging spectrometer that has been built for the AFRL TacSat 3 program. NASA is interested in the instrument technology as a potential Earth observing system that could benefit the state of California. The instrument is similar to that presented by Tony Freeman from JPL on his visit to Ames, April 9. Raytheon has a novel implementation of the system to obtain hyperspectral imagery in the visible to near IR with a single spectrometer. (POC: Steve Hipskind, 4-5076, ).

DEVELOP Highlights
Galli Basson, a graduate student at San Jose State University and a DEVELOP intern, made an oral presentation April 19. Her talk, "Monitoring Resources in the Fremont-Winema National Forest and Yosemite National Park Using Satellite Imagery", was delivered at the George Wright Society (GWS) biennial Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. The GWS is a nonprofit association of researchers, managers, administrators, educators, and other professionals who work on behalf of the scientific and heritage values of protected areas. The paper was a synthesis of three DEVELOP projects: (1) The Fremont-Winema project (2004) that studied certain aspects of carbon sequestration and forest harvest intensities. (2) Two studies conducted in Yosemite; the first (2005) that characterized vegetation recovery after wildfires; and the second (2006) that identified and suggested some of the causes of below-average leaf area index in pixels from satellite imagery. All studies used Landsat and/or MODIS imagery. The co-authors of the paper are Cindy Schmidt (SJSU/SGE) and Dr. Jay Skiles (SGE), who also attended the conference. A proceedings paper for this presentation will be published later this year by GWS.

A NASA tech brief (ARC-15916-1) entitled, "Computer-assisted Image Processing Algorithm Identifies Tire Piles In High-resolution Satellite Imagery (TIRE Model)" has been approved for publication. The paper details the research conducted by two DEVELOP interns at Ames from the summer of 2004 and the fall and winter of 2004/5. They developed a technique for identifying waste tire piles using high-resolution satellite imagery. The interns were able to find waste tire piles in two climatically different areas of California using standard remote sensing software, but with new filters and processing algorithms. The study, which was sponsored by the California Integrated Waste Management Board through San Jose State University, has generated interest in the techniques used from the Environmental Protection Agency, and many state and county governments. Supervising the DEVELOP interns in the project were Cindy Schmidt (SJSU/SGE) and Dr. Jay Skiles (SGE).

DEVELOP is funded through the Applied Science Program in the Earth Science Division in the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters. (POC: J. Skiles, 4-3614, )

SG members attending the TC4 science team meeting
Members of the Earth Science Division who will be participating in the NASA-sponsored Tropical Composition, Clouds and Climate Coupling Experiment (TC4) in Costa Rica this summer are attending the Science Team Meeting this week (April 25-27) in Lanham-Seabrook, MD. Topics for discussion include mission and scientific objectives, the three aircraft (ER-2, DC-8 and WB-57F) payload and objectives, satellite (Aura, CloudSat, and CALIPSO) validation science and mission strategy, and logistics. The Earth Science Project Office (ESPO) is managing the experiment. It is represented at the meeting by Marilyn Vasques, Mike Gaunce, Mike Craig, and Sue Tolley. The funded TC4 PIs at the meeting include Paul Bui, Eric Jensen, Max Loewenstein, Jimmie Lopez, Leonhard Pfister, Jim Podolske, and Henry Selkirk. (POC: Warren Gore, 4-5533,

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