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Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending April 18, 2007

Earth Science management attend Suborbital Science Program annual review
Steve Hipskind (Chief, SG), Matt Fladeland, Jeff Myers (UARC), Mike Craig, Marilyn Vasques and Mike Gaunce (ESPO) attended the Suborbital Science Program (SSP) FY 06 annual review at NASA HQ, April 12-13. They provided an overview of Ames contributions to the program which included sensor development, mission planning and management, requirements analysis, flight request management, and program communications through management of the program website ( Andy Roberts, the new SSP program manager, attended as did senior Earth Science Division managers Ted Hammer, Jack Kaye and Mike Freilich. (POC: Steve Hipskind, 4-5076,

Vince Ambrosia, James Brass and Steve Hipskind brief DHS representatives on WRAP mission assistance during Esperanza Fire
Vince Ambrosia (CSUMB) gave a presentation to representatives from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) visiting Ames Research Center, April 18. The purpose of their visit was a review of Ames' capabilities in developing disaster decision suppport systems (DSS) and Common Operating Picture (COP) for Disaster Incident Commands. Ambrosia detailed the WRAP project and the use of real-time data integration within the GoogleEarth Collaborative Decision Environment and the role of UASs, sensor systems, and shared data distribution technologies for use in disaster management and mitigation. DHS personnel are interested in using such technology for both natural and man-made disasters. (POC: Vince Ambrosia, 4-6565, ).

Rama Nemani co-author of paper on environmental monitoring in India
ama Nemani (SGE) is a co-author of a paper that details the need for and requirements of an environmental monitoring network in India. Published in Policy Forum (vol. 316, pp. 204-205;, the paper proposes an integrated system to monitor terrestrial, coastal, and oceanic environments of India, which lacks a comprehensive environmental observation network. (POC: Rama Nemani, 4-6185,

Tony Strawa teaching at Santa Clara University
Tony Strawa (SGG) is teaching a class in Environmental Technology at Santa Clara University. The class is part of the curriculum for the Environmental Studies Institute, an interdisciplinary program at SCU. The class of 29 undergraduates is a survey of modern environmental technology with an emphasis on the science, consequences, and solutions to global warming (climate change). The class covers air pollution, ozone depletion, climate change, and their mitigation. (POC: Tony Strawa, 4-3437,

F. Freund and team participate in “Yuri's Night” activities
As part of the “Yuri's Night” activities that occurred at Ames, April 13, Friedemann Freund (SJSU/SETI) and his fellow researchers set up a poster that described their achievements over the past two years in studying pre-earthquake signals. Additionally, they set up a hands-on test with a hydraulic press and a rock and invited people to "try it for yourself... squeeze a current out of a rock!" An estimated 500 of the roughly 4000 attendees did give it a try over the 8 hours of the event that began Friday night and ended in the early morning hours of Saturday morning. Freund reports that there was widespread and genuine interest among the participants for science that is expected to lead to an earthquake early warning system using NASA satellite technology. (POC: Friedemann Freund, 4-5183, )

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