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Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending April 11, 2007

BP reps visit Ames to discuss the use of UAVs
Representatives from British Petroleum (BP) Pipeline America, the UAV Collaborative, Cal State University at Monterey Bay, and the Biospheric Science branch (SGE) attended a workshop held at Ames, April 4, to discuss the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for monitoring domestic energy infrastructure. BP, representing a consortium of oil companies was interested in having Ames help them develop a UAS to monitor 180,000 miles of gas and oil pipelines in North America. SGE staff members briefed the BP representatives on current UAS technologies before they met with Ames' senior management to discuss broader applications of NASA technology. Currently, BP, Ames Tech Partnerships Office and SGE are defining requirements and framing a memorandum of understanding for further work in this area. (POC: Randy Berthold, 4- 3408,

Chris Potter invited speaker at science symposium
Christopher Potter (SGE) was an invited speaker at the first annual Laguna de Santa Rosa Science Symposium at Sonoma State University, March 29-30. Potter's presentation on land use modeling of non-point source nutrient input using remote sensing became part of a long-term planning summary for research in the Laguna watershed and Santa Rosa Plain. (POC: Chris Potter, 4-6164, )

JPL reps visit Ames to discuss CalSat concepts
Dr. Randy Friedl and Dr. Tony Freeman from JPL visited Ames' Design Center, April 9, to discuss concepts for a "CalSat" mission to be presented at the May meeting of the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST). Friedl is the Chief Scientist and Freeman is the lead for Advanced Concepts and Satellite Missions, both in the Earth Science Directorate under Dr. Diane Evans. Hosting their visit were Steve Hipskind, Earth Science Division Chief, and Al Weston and John Hines of the Small Satellite Office. Several scientists from the Earth Science Division and representatives from the Small Satellite office participated. Michael Bicay, Ames Science Director, participated in the morning session. Kevin Parkin gave a brief overview of the Design Center and John Hines gave a brief overview of the Small Satellite office. The purpose of the meeting was to brainstorm critical needs for the state of California in response to climate change and which of those needs could be addressed with a satellite designed primarily to return environmental data for the state. The discussion focused on two basics areas of interest: Earth surface imaging and atmospheric chemistry (greenhouse gases, aerosols and air quality). Both sides agreed on a plan to jointly develop a white paper for review by Scott Hubbard and Charles Elachi who sit on the council. (POC: Steve Hipskind, 4-5076, )

Jennifer Dungan to serve on NSF panel
Jennifer Dungan (SGE) accepted an invitation to serve on a National Science Foundation (NSF) panel review. NSF relies on experts recruited from academia and government agencies to evaluate proposals' technical merit, creativity, educational impact, and potential benefits to society. Such merit reviews are used in funding decisions for NSF programs. (Jennifer Dungan, 4-3618,

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