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Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending Feb. 28, 2007

V. Ambrosia attends workshop on UAS monitoring of petroleum pipelines

Vince Ambrosia (CSUMB) participated in a peer review workshop in Tulsa, Oklahoma sponsored by British Petroleum (BP), February 21-22. The peer review workshop was focused on the technology status of sensing systems and utility of small UASs for pipeline infrastructure monitoring in the United States. BP is performing technology evaluations to determine the feasibility of UAS monitoring along 10,000+ miles of pipeline in the U.S. (POC: Vince Ambrosia, 4-6565,


P. Russell interviewed by local TV news about atmospheric composition and climate

Phil Russell (SGG) was interviewed February 27 by Tony Russomano, the environmental reporter for KPIX Channel 5 News. They discussed NASA and related research on atmospheric composition and climate. This included research within Russell's group on measurements of airborne particles from satellites and aircraft, plus recent concerns about ozone depletion caused by refrigerants manufactured in India and China. The research from Russell's group was recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research . The citation is below:

Russell, P. B., J. M. Livingston, J. Redemann, B. Schmid, S. A. Ramirez, J. Eilers, R. Kahn, A. Chu, L. Remer, P. K. Quinn, M. J. Rood, W. Wang. Multi-grid-cell validation of satellite aerosol property retrievals in INTEX/ITCT/ICARTT 2004. J. Geophys. Res ., 2006JD007606, in press.

(POC: Phil Russell, 4-5404,


Argus Group invited to CLASIC

Max Loewenstein (SGG), Jimena Lopez (BAER Institute), and the Argus research group have been invited by the Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program to participate in the Cloud Land Surface Interaction Campaign (CLASIC) in June 2007. CLASIC is a multi-agency effort to study the interactions among the land surface fluxes, convective boundary layer and cumulus clouds. Centered in Oklahoma, CLASIC will utilize an array of aircraft- (including the NASA ER-2) and ground-based atmospheric measurements. The Argus instrument will make measurements from the Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Studies (CIRPAS) Twin Otter aircraft. Argus is a two-channel, tunable diode laser instrument set up for the simultaneous, in situ measurement of CO (carbon monoxide), N 2 O (nitrous oxide) and CH 4 (methane) in the troposphere and lower stratosphere. (POC: Warren Gore, 4-5533,


W. Gore and P. Pilewskie invited to ICEALOT Campaign

Warren Gore (SGG) and Peter Pilewskie (University of Colorado) have been invited by NOAA to participate in the International Chemistry Experiment in the Arctic Lower Troposphere (ICEALOT) campaign in 2008. As part of NOAA's contribution to the International Polar Year (IPY) 2008, ICEALOT is a springtime study of aerosol properties and atmospheric chemistry over an ice-free region of the Arctic. The Gore/Pilewskie team will make measurements using the Solar Spectral Flux Radiometer (SSFR) aboard the NOAA ship Ron Brown . For more information on ICEALOT please see the URL . (POC: Warren Gore, 4-5533, )


S. Hipskind briefs Representative Mike Honda

On Friday, 23 February, Steve Hipskind, SG, briefed Congressman Mike Honda, representative from the 15 District, on NASA's capabilities in Earth Science and particularly what NASA is doing to monitor impacts of climate change. Steve gave an overview of NASA's satellite and airborne observations of the Earth. He then covered NASA's modeling capabilities, highlighting the work of Drs. R. Nemani and C. Potter, SGE, on biosphere modeling and regional impacts of climate change on ecosystem productivity. He also covered the global pollution studies and the INTEX campaigns conceived of by Dr. Hanwant Singh, SGG. After Steve's presentation, Chris Henze, TN, used the Hyperwall to visualize some of the global process models being run on the Columbia supercomputer system.

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