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Earth Science Division Highlights for April 4, 2013

• Presentation at European Geophysical Union General Assembly on earth science research at Ames

Dr. Yohei Shinozuka (BAER Institute/NASA Ames) will present a paper, “Direct aerosol radiative forcing based on combined A-Train observations – challenges in deriving all-sky estimates,” at the EGU General Assembly meeting in Austria next week.  The paper, by Jens Redemann (NASA Ames (SGG)), Shinozuka et al., is in response to considerable interest among the EGU members in Redemann’s retrieval technique and is intended to expose European collaborators to the potential of multi-sensor satellite studies, which can only be achieved using NASA sensors.  Dr. Redemann was scheduled to deliver the paper, and, on this trip, to discuss an Earth Venture proposal he is leading with collaborators from the UK Meteorological Office, but the recently imposed restrictions on foreign travel by NASA employees precluded Redemann from attending the conference and the proposal meeting. 

• Airborne mission managed by NASA Ames receives broad press coverage

The NASA UAS-based mission to sample the gas plume from the Turrialba Volcano in Costa Rica continues to receive broad press coverage.  NASA News featured a report on the mission, led by Dr. David Pieri (JPL) and managed by personnel in the earth science division at NASA Ames, on April 1, 2013 ( , and similar reports appeared in the on-line editions of Popular Science ( the Los Angeles Times (,0,5770711.story) and the Sidney Morning Herald ( among others. 

• Alpha Jet observations reported on at OCO science team meeting

Dr. Laura Iraci (NASA Ames (SGG)) showed profiles of carbon dioxide and ozone obtained from the Picarro instrument on the Alpha Jet to project scientists at the OCO science team meeting in Pasadena last week.  The group recognized the value of the data but expressed concern that the observations did not extend above 27,000’.  [As part of a funded ROSES proposal for OCO science (PI – Laura Iraci) Ames will modify the Picarro instrument to record CO2 up to the ceiling of the Alpha Jet, about 50,000’.]

Site visit planned for next deployment of ATTREX mission

Dr. Eric Jensen (NASA Ames (SGG) and PI for ATTREX), David Jordan (NASA Ames (SGG)) and Don Sullivan (NASA Ames (SGE)) will travel to Guam next week to evaluate that site for the summer 2013 deployment for the ATTREX Earth Venture mission.

 MIZOPEX mission preparations proceeding

Randy Berthold (SGE), the Mission Manager for the Marginal Ice Zone Observations and Processes EXperiment (MIZOPEX) Project, reported success in securing adequate housing at Oliktok Point for the MIZOPEX team to support deployment of the ARC SIERRA UAS this summer.  With housing in place, preparations for the deployment are proceeding on schedule.


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