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Atmospheric Physics Branch

Atmopsheric Radiation Group

The Atmospheric Radiation Group investigates the phenomena with the interaction of solar and planetary radiation with atmospheres (including the earth's) and solar system bodies.

Research Projects

ERAST-Measurement of Solar Spectral Irradiance on Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles

[Button 1]The First International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project Regional Experiment (FIRE)-Cloud Spectral Flux Measurements

[Button 2]Uncertainty and Validity of Aerosol Radiative Forcing Determinations

[Button 3]Global Aerosol Climatology Project

[Button 4]Principal Component Analysis of Arctic Solar Irradiance Spectra

[Button 5]Retrieval of Ice-Water Content Using Near-Infrared Remote Sensing

[Button 6]The Runaway Greenhouse Effect on Earth and Other Planets

[Button 7]Solar Spectral Flux Radiometer, SSFR

Unique Facilities and Instrumentation

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