Appendix D

Possible TARFOX Cooperative Projects In The Post-Special Issue Timeframe


Comparison of TOA fluxes derived from the C130 data with coincident satellite estimates and dependence on retrieved aerosol optical depth. Not sure whether this can be combined directly with sunphotometer measurements of optical depth or whether this should be separate. Collaborators would include Stowe and co., Russell and co. etc.

U. Washington:

1) Use of UW airborne measurements for improving retrieval of aerosol parameters from satellite measurements (with Stowe and Durkee).

2) C-131/ER-2 comparisons (with King, Kaufman, Remer etc.)

3) Use of surface albedo measurements with CAR aboard the C-131 (with King, Tsay, and others)

4) Direct aerosol radiative forcing calculations using C-131 data together with other TARFOX measurements and satellite data (with Russell, Stowe, Durkee, and others).

5) Comparisons of Raman lidar and C-131 profiles (with Ferrare).

6) Comparisons of LASE data with C-131 profiles (with Ismail and others).

7) Use of C-131 ozone data.

8) Other topics???

John Porter:

Methods to derive aerosol forcing from spectral radiance and irradiance measurements, 350 to 1050 nm.

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