TARFOX Aircraft Log

DATE ER-2 Pelican C-131 C-130 Satellite Weather in flight areas Notes
July '96 T/O Land T/O Land E-On E-Off T/O Land Overpasses
10-W N/S N/S X X 1448 1851 1648 2223 X X None C-131A: Partly cloudy C-131A: 1st flt: Ascended with rawin balloon from Wallops Is.; profile 0-10k ft. 2nd flt: profile to 13k ft over Del. Bay in hole
11-Th N/S N/S X X X X X X None Clear Condition 3 at Wallops ; preparation for storm; No project work
12-F N/S N/S X X X X X X ERS-2 1559 LANDSAT1400 Hurricane Bertha approaching: TARFOX down TARFOX shut down for weather in afternoon
13-Sa X X X X X X X X None Tropical storm eye passes near WI in morning TARFOX shut down for weather in morning
14-Su 1630 1915 X X 1659 2117 X X NOAA-14 1902 C-131A: Partly cloudy ER-2:dual-layer cloud deck; broken conditions LASE problem early in flight; MAS ok; good results from C-131 (profile 0-13k ft SE of Wallops)
15-M X X X X 1322 1525 X X NOAA-14 1853 ERS-2 1605 C-131A: Few low clouds C-131 aerosol-cloud interaction study (upwind and downwind of Sc)
16-Tu 1645 1905 1423 1830 1612 2022 1255 1658 1524 2200 X X NOAA-14 1840 C-131A: Variable cloud; some blue sky on both flights Pelican: Variable cloudiness Pelican test flights; ER-2 flight for LASE checkout only; C-131A 1st flt: profile over Wallops to 10kft.; C-131A 2nd flt: multilevel gradient flt. to 8.4k ft. Flt area was 50 miles east of Atlantic City.
17-W 1645 2210 1547 2139 1720 2157 X X NOAA-14 1829 C-131A: Partly sunny; Pelican: Partly cloudy; ER-2: low-level cloud& cirrus; Open hole in clouds for ~1hr. Good coordinated mission. C-131A: Profile to 14.3kft. east of Wallops. Scattered Cu. ER-2: MAS&LASE working well. Clear at time of AVHRR overpass; Pelican: coordinated with C-131A
18-Th X X X X X X 1400 2205 NOAA-14 1818 C-130: Small cumulus, cirrus overcast C-130: Non-TARFOX mission due to weather
19-F X X X X X X X X ERS-2 1430 Clouds/rain No flights today due to weather.
20-Sa 1648 2253 X X 1255 1736 1535 2233 1400 2300 LANDSAT 1455 C-130: Clear skies C-131A:Sunny to partly cloudy ER-2: clear early in flt; then broken clouds, then clear again C-130:Low background aerosol; WI profile; C-131A 1st flt: Good reflec. meas.over Dismal Swamp-profile to 8k ft. over Wallops; broken clouds. C-131A 2nd flt: profile to 10k ft. Reflec. meas. over ocean. ER-2 racetrack then ship overflight.
21-Su 1645 2125 1837 2212 1642 2126 1400 2215 None C-130: Mainly clear, one cirrus intrusion .ER-2: clear early then 50-80% cloudcover in afternoon C-130: Higher aerosol loading; 2 WI profiles; C-131A: Profile to 10.5k ft. over Wallops. Profile over ocean to 9k ft. Pelican: Vertical stack over ocean
22-M 1730 2020 1512 1617 X X X X ERS-2 1546 Rain LASE checkout flight; Pelican: Test flight; no other flights due to bad weather
23-Tu X X X X 1744 2218 1600 2005 NOAA-14 1906 Patchy low-level clouds and cirrus C-130: Aerosol sampling. C-131A: 80 miles SE of WI ; Profile to 10k ft; Aerosol gradient observed.
24-W 1645 2020 X X 1501 1942 1400 1820 NOAA-14 1855 Clouds closing on target area; sm. cloud-free area stayed open C-130: Aerosol sampling. C-131A: 30 mi east of Atlantic City; Profile to 6k ft. ; aerosol gradient flight
25-Th 1430 1900 X X 1353 1808 1638 2140 1400 2120 ERS-2 1551 NOAA-14 1845 C-131A: Mostly clear over target area. ER-2: Cloud-free over "racetrack". Good aerosol gradient observed. C-130: WI profile. C-131A1st flt: Vert. profiles at 37331/7551 in mainly clear sky to 7k ft./ C-131A 2nd flt: aerosol gradient flt along N-S line, NE of Wallops.
26-F 1730 2335 1640 2010 1723 2150 X X NOAA-14 1834 C-131A: Isolated small low clouds; Pelican: Clear C-131A: 50 mi. east of Wallops; Vertical profile beneath ER-2 to 10k ft. ER-2: Racetrack then Bermuda overflight; Pelican: clear region Delaware Bay
27-Sa N/S N/S 1854 2034 1444 2022 1410 2230 NOAA-14 18:23 C-130: Mostly clear C-131A: Mostly clear Pelican: High cirrus C-130:Good aerosol loading; 2WI profiles C-131A:Vertical profiles to 8k ft over WI. Profile over ocean to 8.8kft. Surface reflec. and sky radiance meas. over ocean; Pelican: initial sunphotometer test flights
28-Su N/S N/S 1306 1945 1737 2232 X X 1400 2145 ERS-2 1556 LANDSAT (Bermuda) 1400 C-130: Mostly clear Pelican: High cirrus C-130: Flight conducted at 30 N; Pelican: sunphotometer test flights
29-M N/S N/S 1848 1348 1847 X X None (use GOES) C-131A: Clear area Pelican: Clear areas C-131A: Vertical profile in cloud hole to 8.3k ft 100 nm SE of Wallops in region of strong aerosol gradients; Pelican: 2 clear regions NE of Wallops
30-Tu N/S N/S X X X X X X None Heavy cloud cover, rain. No flights due to weather.
31-W N/S N/S 1346 1930 1443 1922 1355 ERS-2 1602 Pelican: Behind showers then clear. C-131A: Found decent hole over WI. C-131A: 1) calibration w/C130; ERS-2overpass @1602 during cal 2) vertical profile over WI, 1.3-3.5kft; NOAA-14 overpass @1738&1918Z(just after landing) 3) calibration w/Pelican

X = No Flight N/S = Not scheduled to fly All times are UT. E-On = Engines On E-Off = Engines Off

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