Aerosol LIdar Validation Experiment

September 2005

Photos: J-31 Aircraft RSP Integration/ Instrument Testing - Photos from Kirk Knobelspiesse

The RSP mounting compartment in the aft of the J-31


Rear mount on the RSP

Front mount on the RSP

Top mounting plate. This is first bolted inside the J31. The front and rear mounts in the photos above are attached to the RSP, which is then lifted and mounted to this plate.

The mounting cover. The oval hole in the left will be covered. I believe the slit at the right was extended a few inches farther down after I took this photo.

The instrument bay with the top mounting plate inside

The J-31

The RSP in the instrument bay

Same as left, with the RSP shown in flight attitude with the RSP base aligned to be parallel to the outer surface of the bay cover.


View of the RSP from below with the bay cover

RSP control monitor in the rack at the fore of the J-31


RSP cables running through the bulkhead to the RSP Support Electronics mounted inside the cabin .

RSP Support Electronics box and panel in the aft of the J-31. Cables to the instrument run through the yellow bulkhead at the left.



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