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Aerosol Characterization Experiment - Asia 2001
March - April, 2001


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AATS-14 on CIRPAS Twin Otter

Photos were taken during the ACE-Asia campaign in Iwakuni, Japan.

Courtesy of Duane Allen, Sunphotometer Team Photographer

Wide area view of AATS-14 integrated on the Twin Otter

Wide area view of AATS-14 integrated on the CIRPAS Twin Otter

AATS-14 instrument


right side view of AATS-14

Right side view of AATS-14

top view of AATS-14 on the Twin Otter aircraft

Top view of AATS-14 on board the Twin Otter

Close up view of AATS-14

Close up view of the AATS-14 on board the Twin Otter


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