Download 1-D VSIM Model and User Guide

VSIM is a simple water balance model embedded in an Excel spreadsheet that simulates the daily and seasonal water balance for a vineyard (block) given data on weather, soils, and leaf area. VSIM takes advantage of publicly available weather and evatranspiration data from the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS). The user can manipulate climate, leaf area, soil water, and cover crop to examine effects on soil moisture, vine water stress, and corresponding irrigation need. Daily water gains (precipitation, irrigation) and losses (evapotranspiration, runoff) are used to calculate a daily water balance. The current release of the model should be considered a "beta" (test) version, both in format and substance. During 2006-07, VSIM is being further developed and validated under the California Dept. Water Resources' Water Use Efficiency Program. The user should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel 1998 or later.

Download VSIM 1-D Model, release date 01-Mar-06 (requires Microsoft Excel 1998 or later to run)

Download VSIM User Guide (pdf)

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