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The following pages contain general information related to the research areas pursued by the Ecosystem Science and Technology Branch.

These links also cover subjects and questions submitted by people that used the Earth Science Division's "Comments and Suggestions" page:

NASA Information

NASA - Agency programs
NASA FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about NASA
NASA Headquarters - Agency planning and management
NASA Office of Earth Science - Earth Science programs, satellites, policies, information, etc.

NASA "Ames Research Center and its personnel work to develop technologies that enable the Information Age, expand the frontiers of knowledge for aeronautics and space, improve America's competitive position, and inspire future generations."

Imagery Information and Sources

EDC - EROS Data Center, Earth Resources Observation Systems: source for Earth observational data
Image Resolution Comparison from i3 (information integration & imaging)
JPL Imaging Radar
Landsat Program - information about the Landsat satellites (1-7), including acquisition of land satellite data
EarthRISE - photos of the Earth taken by Shuttle astronauts
NASA JSC Digital Image Collection - Johnson Space Center collection of images and photos
NASA Photo Gallery
Planetary image finders - NASA Ames list of links

Remote Sensing/Geographic Information Systems

Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing - U of Texas
BASIC - Geo-Data for the San Francisco Bay Area
Global Positioning Systems - Introduction to GPS Applications from John Beadles
NASA's Observatorium - public access site for Earth and space data
RS Resources and Materials - list of links from Foothill College
What is GIS? - description from USGS
Windows to the Universe - NASA's Earth and Space Sciences information page

Science and Space

Academy of Natural Sciences
Ask a Scientist - NEWTON service: ask any science related question
ALLSTAR - Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science Technology, and Research
Atmospheric Aerosols - NASA LARC aerosols page
Center for Mars Exploration - NASA's Mars information page
Climate Change - "Our Changing Climate", by Dennis L. Hartmann
CSICOP - Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
Encyclopedia Britannica
Exploratorium - science museum
Franklin Institute Science Museum
Global Fire Monitoring
Impact Hazard - asteroid or comet collisions
JASON Project - develops ways that enable teachers and students to take part in global explorations using advanced, interactive telecommunications.
LIFTOFF - NASA Space Exploration site from Marshall Space Flight Center
Lunar Prospector - NASA's resource for information about the Moon
NASA CORE - Central Operation of Resources for Educators, National Distribution Center for Aerospace Educational Materials
NASA Quest - NASA's K-12 Internet Initiative
Ocean Planet - online version of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History exhibit
Ontario Science Center - interactive science fun and games
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Space Camp - U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Space Science Education - NASA's Office of Space Science education links
Solar System Information

Environment and Energy

Aquarium Project - Chemical Analysis in a Tropical Marine Ecosystem
Energy Foundation
Environmental Defense Fund WorldWide
Environmental News Network
EPA - United States Environmental Protection Agency
Petroleum Information for Students
Scorecard - Chemical Information Service
Worldwatch Institute

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