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Ecosystem scientists are concerned with understanding how remotely sensed characteristics of the land surface are modified in response to changing climate and land cover/land use. Ecosystem properties such carbon exchange, hydrologic fluxes, and nitrogen trace gas emissions may respond differently when perturbed by climate or land use changes. Ecosystem models are used to simulate patterns and changes in these biosphere properties at local, regional, and global scales.


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Ames has been involved in public health work since 1985 with the Global Monitoring and Human Health (Di-Mod) applied research projects on malaria risk in California and Mexico. The Center for Health Applications of Aerospace Related Technologies (CHAART) was established by NASA Headquarter's Life Sciences Division in 1995 to continue this work in the form of training, directed research, education and outreach; consulting; and collaboration in the use of remote sensing and geographic information systems / technologies for disease risk modeling, with an emphasis on vector-borne diseases.


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Earth scientists in SGE are collaborating with computer scientists in the areas of planning and scheduling of observations from Earth-orbiting satellites and analysis and visualization of Earth science data. Collaborations include work with the NASA Ames Computational Sciences Division and the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division as well as with universities. These collaborations marry the domain expertise of those working with Earth Observing System data with state-of-the-art computer science approaches and algorithms.



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