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09/02/03: NASA Ames issued a news release, “NASA Students Make West Nile Virus Risk Map For Monterey County,” about a group of 4 students from NASA Ames who produced a map showing the potential risk of West Nile virus being carried by mosquitoes in Monterey County, Calif.

08/26/03: The San Jose Mercury News ran an article, “New eye on salt ponds: NASA’s view from above helps Bay Area's massive restoration of salt fields to tidal marshes,” that outlines NASA Ames’ role in the Cargill salt ponds restoration project.

08/21/03: KNTV and Tech TV ran stories about the recent UAV study in King City, Calif., featuring an interview with Stan Herwitz and video provided by NASA Ames.

08/21/03: NASA Goddard conducted TV live shots with more than a dozen national stations that covered NASA Ames’ role investigating the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to aid firefighters.

08/20/03: NASA Ames’ provided information to KNTV about Ames’ efforts to map West Nile virus-prone areas in Monterey County. KTVU TV and KQED radio also broadcast stories about the project and interviews with Ames’ Cynthia Schmidt.

08/11/03: NASA Ames’ Public Affairs Office supported the dedication of the UAV Application Center in NASA Research Park. Representatives from Aviation Week, KTVU-TV, Oakland, and KGO-TV, San Francisco, attended. New Technology Week and Space Daily plan follow-up stories and interviews with Stan Herwitz.

07/29/03: called requested permission to use a NASA photograph of Dr. Friedman Freund’s laboratory to accompany an upcoming article on his research.

07/27/03: Ames’ Lynn Rothschild was interviewed for a radio show called ‘Are we Alone?’ broadcast on Radio America and Sirius satellite radio. Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute hosted the program, which discussed life in extreme environments.

07/08/03: Rosanna Madrigal, KLIV radio, San Jose, interviewed Brad Dalton of NASA Ames about the restoration of nearby salt ponds and Chris Potter about his data-mining study that reveals new global information about natural disasters in relation to leafy 'greenness' around the world. The Singtao daily Chinese newspaper, San Jose, Calif., also plans to publish articles about these projects.


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