Landsat Program Summary

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More information on Landsat 7

Other PROGRAM information

1. Program charts:

  1. Landsat time line
  2. Landsat 7 project master schedule

2. Program documents:

  1. Land Remote Sensing Policy Act of 1992
  2. White House summary of Landsat Program policy
  3. Landsat Program Management Plan
  4. Landsat 7 Data Policy
  5. Press release on failure of Landsat 6
  6. National Space Policy - September, 1996

3. Information on Landsat data:

  1. Access to Land Satellite Data on the Internet (Table)
  2. Summary of Landsat International Data Base as of 9/16/96 (Table)
  3. Multispectral Scanner System (MSS)
  4. Thematic Mapper (TM)
  5. Current pricing policy for TM data
  6. Recent papers on Landsat

4. Post Landsat 7 systems:


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