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This file contains items on recent events in the Landsat Program and information on upcoming events and meetings. The file is updated regularly. Significant items more than three months old are listed in the Landsat Program chronology.

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Recent Events:

October 19:
Congress passed and President Clinton signed HR 2684 establishing the FY2000 budget for NASA at $13.65 billion.

April 15:
Landsat 7 launched successfully from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

March 4-5:
Workshop for value added companies interested in processing and distributing Landsat 7 data; USGS, Reston, VA.

February 24:
Landsat Civil Agency Requirements Working Group (LCARWG) meeting held at USGS, Reston VA.

October 28:
The President signed HR1702, the Commercial Space Act of 1998, now Public Law 105-303.

Upcoming Meetings and Events:

December 6-10:
ASPRS presents the Pecora 14 Conference: Land Satellite Applications III, Denver, Colorado.

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