Landsat Coordinating Group
Department of Commerce
February 4, 1998

Minutes of the Meeting
(The minutes are a summary of the discussion and, for the most part, do not include the material shown on viewgraphs during the presentations.)


Introductions and agency updates

K. Dolan - Landsat 7 space segment

B. Menrad - ground system status

D. Williams - software access

J. Ellickson - NOAA report

Regarding the software releases, IGSs are very pleased to receive the software even without support because it saves them a lot of money.

G. Komar: Disposition of actions from last meeting
Summary of new action items:

  1. NASA: Get schedule to NOAA and USGS on when billing and accounting capabilities and distribution of Level 1 data capability will be on-line and operational at EDC.
  2. NASA: Draft letter to Landsat Science Team (S. Goward) reviewing actions taken to address the concerns expressed by the Landsat Science Team at the LCG meeting in last October.
  3. NASA: Keep NOAA and USGS informed on the nature of the problem to the ETM+ power supplies and new launch date for Landsat 7
  4. NASA: Make presentation to LGSOWG meeting in May on Landsat 7 problems and Landsat 7 follow-on
  5. NASA/NOAA: Work on solution to budget problem caused by the delay in the Landsat 7 launch.


Next meeting - May 12, 1998


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(Minutes prepared by E. Sheffner, CSUMB:NASA/Ames Research Center: