Landsat 7 Data

The two images below (sub-sections of a full Landsat scene) illustrate the difference between Level 0R and Level 1G. All Landsat 7 data will be archived as Level 0R and will be available to users in that format or as Level 1G

Level 0R data is corrected for scan line direction and band alignment only. No radiometric or geometric correction is applied. In the example below, the pixel values have been stretched to make the image more "viewable", but the geometric distortions are as they will appear.

The Level 1G image is typical of the products currently available from the Landsat system; geometric corrections were applied.

Both images were generated at EDC from data acquired November 6, 1984 over central Florida by the Thematic Mapper (TM) instrument on Landsat 5. The Level 0R image was processed from a station tape (HDDT) using the TMACs system developed by Hughes STX. The Level 1G image was processed through EDC's EL1PS (EDC Level 1 Prototype System). The same three bands were used in each image.

---Landsat 0R image (42 kbytes)
Level 0 data image

---Landsat 1G image (63 kbytes)
Level 1 data image

(---Images courtesy of C. Wivell, EROS Data Center)

Other images available:

  1. Expanded view of Level 0R data (320 kbytes)
  2. Expanded view of Level 1G data (352 kbytes).


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